New Dublin Jersey


I was wondering what I was going to get the wife to get me :grinning:


Bastards. Going to have to fork out for this was going to ask for it as a Christmas present


My Northside missus has asked me to get her some classy outdoor daywear for Xmas.

Anyone know if we are introducing a new tracksuit?


If there is going to be a new jersey should have released it for chrimbo market


Shell suits coming back in fashion!!!


Coming back??? They never went out!!!


I’d say they got a shock when she arrived in Local shop in the PJ’s…


They were gobsmacked. The shop owner sez ‘very unusual to see you this early - it’s not long after 7.30.’

‘Shuddup there’ sez she ‘and give us 20 Major - I wanna get home before Eastenders starts at 8.’


“Gooch, Haroochacha in Ballsbridge”, the uncut version?


That wouldn’t be an admirable reason, that would be an idiotic reason.

So kids who want a Dubs jersey for Christmas get the existing one, only for the Dubs to issue a new one a few weeks later!

That would look far more greedy and would likely cause a joe Duffy uproar.


They have a new version of the existing Jersey for the 3 in a row. It is a number 3 Jersey like the player one but has in a row written under the 3 and the three years written under the crest. I suspect they want to shift these before bringing in a new jersey all together.


Idiotic? It’s all about opinions. Stay classy!


I think I’ll wait for the 5 in a row, will look silly writing 2018, 2019 under the other with a sharpie


I agree :grinning:


That would make a bit more sense. Not a hope in hell they’re deliberately avoiding the Christmas market!


You’re wrong there. It is a deliberate decision not to be seen to cash in on the lucrative Christmas market.


Damned if you do … damned if you don’t …


How the f*ck does that make any marketing sense. Who exactly (apart from the likes of Spewan) would be lifting them out of it over that.


Sure Kildare are screwing the Xmas market with their Brady’s ham …


What will Aido get for Christmas???