New Dublin Jersey


The mock up with the white shorts looks brilliant .
Meant to reply to dcr22b there .


Yeah, while it looks extremely Man City, I really like it.


This is well worth a read.

I see the article mentions “the Jack and Meg White (White Stripes, get it?)” … I wonder if that’s where the inspiration for the Eeeeoooooghan O’Gara chant came from? after all it was sung to the air of “Seven Nation Army” by … yes you’ve guessed it, The White Stripes! :grinning: :grinning:


In o Neills store today. 3 jerseys to chose from.
(1)Normal jersey , for all shapes and sizes
(2)Player fit jersey . Tighter around chest and arms
(3) limited edition jersey
The last one is the tightest fit , more like a base layer for all you gym monkeys out there :grinning:


The pic.4 mock kit is the bee’s ballix!!




So this is end of second year of current Jersey. Jerseys usually lasts 2 or 3 years? What are O’Neill’s/County board etc. most likely to do? Just thinking of presents for children, don’t want to be buying now if a new Jersey out for 2018…


The three-in-a-row jersey should be given the chance to become the four-in-a-row jersey.


Burrit’s only a two-in-a-row jersey.


Factory outlet selling all this year’s strip off . New Jersey in November I think .


Good to know Yoda, thanks


They launched the current jersey (and I think the previous one) at the start of the Championship rather than at the start of the year. So by that pattern they should still use the current jersey for next year’s league and launch the new one in April/May.

However from a sales point of view it probably makes sense to launch a new jersey in time for the Christmas market.


Rang the county board offices in any case, they said they aren’t discussing it at the moment. As to if/when a decision would be made, reply was “who knows?”. They obviously wont be telling random people ringing up their corporate strategy, so your guess is as good as mine…


Probably better off ringing O’Neills, they will tell you if and when a new jersey is coming out.


That’s how I came across the information . They even went so far as to say the white is being dropped with a return to navy . Could be horseshite of course !


Ah ffs. Blue and White is much better (Our original colours etc.) Hope it’s not true


Agreed, I love the white! Hope they keep it!


I’m told the New Jersey won’t be released until the new year, one of the stipulations of Mr Costelloe not wanting to be seen to tap into the Christmas market and appear greedy. Very admirable indeed if true.


Ah shit, what am I going to get for the wife now?


Peace and quiet?