New Dublin Jersey


Not a good moment to ask if there’s a player-fit size available then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually strangely enough they’ve made the jerseys a wider fit than the last one. Wonder is that just for us Dubs??


Ask for the Cork or Meath player fit … you’d get a Sumo into them …


:confused: :smile:

Clever marketing, thus allowing the great unwashed to think that they too have the physique of an Eoin Cadogan?


I think it’s class - I really do. The keeper’s jersey looks the business as well. The design is very simple - a classic case of less being more - and the shade of blue is much improved. I know some of my girls are already talking about a purchase!!


Players fit available on order from O’Neills extra five notes so €57.


Is that tight fit , what’s the difference .


I think they’re one and the same. Am open to correction though.


No difference it is how they designate them on the writing inside is as tight fit.


Player fit has a GPS tracker stitched in to back. That’s what the extra fiver is for.


Ah Jaysus … then the Mrs could find out where I’ve been & how it took 5 hours to get home from Croker :beers::beers:


:blush: , Did ye never try on a shirt in a dressing room.
As regards jersey, I’ll wait for player fit one.


I personally love the jersey, would love to see white shorts with it though.


Ye but I usually were jeans :wink:


I’m still fit enough to get away with the shorts:slight_smile: You sir may not be:joy:


Father’s day can’t come quick enough so I get on e


Drugs aren’t the answer Hopper.
Diet like everyone else and you will fit into that new Jersey :blush:


It’s a very long time since I’ve seen so many of a new release jersey at a first football championship match. Clearly it’s very popular.

I hadn’t really liked the pics of it I’d seen, but up close I thought it looks great. One downside is the massive AIG emblazoned on the back, that’s OTT, but overall the jersey gets a big thumbs up


Yeah really liked the look of the jersey around the town before the match, the Big AIG on the back is a mark down but you get use to it.


This is well worth a read.