New Dublin Jersey


If only they had a big and tall Dublin GAA shop…


Wore mine for the first time at 5 aside last night. I got mine from a batch that was custom made for the panel but Connolly s Jersey s were not needed as he s not returning for 2019( you heard it here first). So I got one of his - fits me perfectly.


serious ?


I see the Oxford English Dictionary have removed the word ‘gullible’ from the 2019 edition.


gullible is right! there’s no way connollys jersey would fit on Wasonthehill831 :grin:


Actually I just realized it joe McNally s cast off from the masters team. Bastards lied to me . Connolly might yet be back so.


There is no such thing as an Urban Myth, either.


There used to be an Urban Hymn though … before the feminazi kicked up


Thats all settled now, the new expression will be “Hurban Hymn”