New Dublin Jersey


If only they had a big and tall Dublin GAA shop…


Wore mine for the first time at 5 aside last night. I got mine from a batch that was custom made for the panel but Connolly s Jersey s were not needed as he s not returning for 2019( you heard it here first). So I got one of his - fits me perfectly.


serious ?


I see the Oxford English Dictionary have removed the word ‘gullible’ from the 2019 edition.


gullible is right! there’s no way connollys jersey would fit on Wasonthehill831 :grin:


Actually I just realized it joe McNally s cast off from the masters team. Bastards lied to me . Connolly might yet be back so.


There is no such thing as an Urban Myth, either.


There used to be an Urban Hymn though … before the feminazi kicked up


Thats all settled now, the new expression will be “Hurban Hymn”


Black alt dubs jersey being launched by o neills on friday


Hmm, I’d want to see it in the flesh (so to speak) before fully making up my mind.

I’m guessing the black version will be worn by Cluxton or Comerford on Saturday (or whenever we play a team in white). It will probably also be used by the whole team against Cavan (a couple of years back we wore black when playing them in the U21 championship).


I like it.


Guinness stain proof!


Why have they gone for black? Noticed Mattie and Jim wearing black tops and rain gear. We selling into New Zealand?


Hurlers wore it a few weeks back


Imagine they might wear it again this weekend.


I would think footballers will wear it away to Cavan due to the colour clash. They wore Navy against them previously.


I think its a beaut, also really like the black shorts with the light blue stripes…

it’ll be good for training on all weathers with the black shite that wrecks your gear.


reminds me in a way of my favourite jersey which is the new zealand maori one.


Fab strip. Got it for my nephew, half the price of the ABs one. Also check out the Waikato Chiefs one from about 3 years ago, I’ll try to find a pic of it. Not normally into forrrrdden strips me but those two are just class