New Dublin Jersey


I think you have got it more.


Only one way to find out…



What ever happened to look left and cough?


Who said romance was dead eh?



Sorry to be a pain in the hole and break up the prostrate palaver but on thread :smirk: I think the new jersey is too white


Colonoscopy? The camera doesn’t hurt too much, but the lighting and sound crew nearly killed me!


Finally saw the Keeper Jersey in the flesh (so to speak). With the fleck pattern running through it it looks much more grey than white in reality. This might be a good thing.

I saw it in Elverys in Stephens Green. They only had two, so if anyone is looking to pick one up for a Christmas present I’d get on it. They seem pretty limited online also.


One of the lads was in O’Neills at the weekend (off long mile rd), said they’d plenty of stock.


They take the good out of everything.


I much prefer Back 4 More to the Next Chapter …


Imagine the stout stains on the keepers jersey after the final! Red wine would destroy it too @Harrys_Tiles


Well if it’s 5 in a row I wouldn’t be giving a fùck about the state the jersey was in! :grin::grin:


You know me so well :wink:


I note the XXL jersey is out of stock in Elvery’s (was looking for a friend).

Even fat people dream.


is that the player fit XXL or standard :slight_smile:


I’m an ‘M’ nowadays

M for massive


The new jerseys player fit in my size seems to be smaller than in the last one.

Now I know what you’re thinking but even the arms a pinching at the ends and even with my wintering well the arms are as skinny as ever…


Never buy the Jersey always take the safety option with a nice smart polo tshirt


Player fit is pushing it a bit alright. If they were Jimmy Keaveney player fit we’d all be grand. God be with the days.