New Dublin Jersey


I like it but the AIG emblazoned across the back is a bit unnecessary . Am I to understand the shorts are remaining navy with blue trim ? That will look odd . Agree white shorts would look very well with it .


JohnC according to The Gaelic Athletic Association in Dublin 1884-2000 by William Nolan (Ed) the decision about moving from white to navy was to do with tv “Paula Lee was appointed as secretary to Jim King in 1974. One of her first tasks was to select the distinctive blue jerseys and navy knicks to replace the lighter, older strip which was proving unsuitable for television”.

A good read, just looking through the book trying to pick out that quote it’s amazing how similar so many of the issues in the 1970s were to today. The need to establish the GAA in new Dublin communities, the challenge of other sports in the capital and the press remarking how Dublin were a team of athletes lacking the skill of other teams.


The shorts are Navy with 3 white stripes so Gok Wan wont be having a coronary.


Thanks for that @Hochopepa. Sounds more believable than the social media story I’d read. Never heard of the book, must look it up. And, indeed, in many ways the more things change, the more they stay the same!


Not a fan of the new jersey, think I’ll stay with what I’ve got. Wonder will there also be a new range of Polo shirts. Fleeces etc?

On a footnote, just to mention that Paula was a great servant to the Dublin County Board, only retiring at the end of 2015. :clap::clap:


Didn’t realise that, best of luck to Paula & thanks for all your great work. So much that has been achieved in the last 40 years or so has been down to a small number of great individuals, like this lady, Jim, Paula, Heffo of course, Mickey Whelan, The Doc, Hickey, Andy Kettles, John Costello perhaps above all except Heffo, and some others. Many of them are gone.


Not sure what I dislike more, this new Ressers layout or this new Geansai. Kudos, however, to all concerned for getting the forum back up and running. And thanks also.


Admit it, you’re just itching to be the first to be banned :grin:


I second that! (For Beeko, not me)


Ganging up on me already.


anyone know the price for the kids jerseys down in the o’neills factory ??


Playing in jeans will give the culchies a bit of hope as it should slow us down a bit:grin:


38 euro for kids jersey



Time to deck the boys out - might have to wear an old jersey myself !!


Ill have to get the wife get it for my Birthday. It looks class


It’ll be my father’s day present from the kids


It’ll be just like the 80s, deja vue all over again Rodney! :laughing:


Looks like a Man City jersey to me so at the moment not too impressed but only judging it on photograph.


Tried on the jersey today, have to say I’m disappointed. Not a lot of thought went into it.
Plus the fit is crap.

Although I’ll probably still buy one next week. :blush:


What he said …

Plus the fit is crap.

What it means …

Jaysus I have to lose weight …

Navy where did this happen? Had you deodorant on? I don’t want to be buying a jersey with pre-positioned armpit odour …

Ps was in a newsagents this evening and the young bloke in front of me knew the bloke serving who asked him how was work. Your man (obv working in a sport shop) said very busy and that the new Dublin Jersey was flying out the door.