New Dublin Jersey


Bernard Brogan’s wee fellas looking good in theirs :wink:


That’s 5 chungfellits between Berno & Alan & not a single chungwan.

Not so great at d’aul gender equality the Brogans. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We like to refer to it as not having a sissy Mickey.


Have to say i like this , its different but a nice touch


You sound like me at my last prostate examination.


Our version of a tramp stamp ??


Might have been nicer on a training top or some other gear but look , its a departure from the norm & that’s a plus in my book .


You know there’s a blood test for that now? You don’t need an “examination”!


I pay my VHI, I’m getting the digits!


Needs v wants.


My missus doesn’t know about the blood test …


Your missus has a prostate gland?


Thanks for that - I almost spat out my vegan granola!



Now that is a thing of beauty.


Hmm, I like the look and I’ve always liked white jerseys. Still a pain to wear as there is a good chance you will stain it. A nod to Cluxton’s time wearing the away jersey as a keepers jersey?


Thats a lovely Jersey in fairness


I like that the stripes and the collar are the same colour (the problem with the main jersey).

However, I really dislike white jerseys, as a rule, and would never buy one.

Clucko will need a navy one for playing Kildare/Monaghan (maybe Tyrone) anyway.
Be interested if that comes out as an “away jersey” next.



Respect @Harrys_Tiles - you’ve still got it my friend!!


His prostate?

At his age?

I seriously doubt it.