New Dublin Jersey


You say that but the money is derisory.




I’m in the clique and they’re fcuking me around. I mean you miss just one meeting. FFS.


Have they rebranded the cabal the click?


Is it not “clique”?


If you’re in it you’ll know … :wink:


Like love…

or Katie Price.


Me and Katie Price? Like a dog wagging his tail in a bucket.


Like punching smoke.


I dont know , I cant spell clique


Whos WB :thinking:


he was a famous story teller in the 5th century, and used to play full forward for goats dont shave


Came across this on

“A new Goalkeepers shirt will be unveiled shortly and thought is being given as well to a proper Away kit which Dublin has never really adopted but which may be coming for 2019 with a guaranteed clash with Cavan in the Allianz League and potential meetings with Wicklow, Laois or Longford in the Leinster Championship all of whom also wear blue.”


Absolutely no need to change colours when playing any of those teams. Totally wrong message to be giving, in my view.


It’s all bullshit. The 2010-2012 jerseys were the best if it weren’t for that horrible red blob


Agreed. And even if there is a clash, we should just switch to the goalkeeper’s navy jersey.


Strangely if we go with the keepers jersey it’s nearer to all those other counties mention cavan, laois, Wicklow etc rather than the sky blue. Either the go with the black kit the u21s have some years ago or go with a white number. Where’s Gak Wan when ya need him.


What about the pink one? We should have an away jersey design competition! I think there is a CAD facility on O’Neills website???


Then they can also switch to white or yellow. Simple.


Subtle don’t buy fakes tweet here …