New Dublin Jersey


Agree think jersey on Flynner is the best of what really is mixed bag.

Not sure what to make of new one. At first glance I thought yeah not bad but the more I look at the sleeves I think nah! Think the shorts might actually look better without the jersey. Think they’re brutal with it!


Agree with this, 100%.


Sure it can’t be our home jersey … we never play in the Nell …


Yep smacks of premiership alright. In my day you knew of a new dublin jersey launch when the players came out the tunnel for a match, changed times.


Jaysus Liamo you need to come out of that tunnel yourself …


Couldn’t disagree more. Any of the jerseys with navy sleaves are horrible. Jayo one was great, and I really liked the Al one but it just had the misfortune to be around when we got hammered into oblivion by Kerry.


Yeh hated that Vodafone blob and it got bigger I think


It’s actually a size 6
He’s just a Man Mountain


I think an all over body stockin in blue and navy with 3 quater length sleeves would look nice, just for a change


Well I like it Al so there ya have it. One man’s salt is another man’s navy sleeved jersey.


For fcuks sake BlueBack, it not for Strictly come dancing.


I just thought it would be nice for a change, maybe with a nice beige pinstripe


Seems to have gone unnoticed Kildare launching their new jersey same week as Dublin.


A white pug modelling a blue jersey would look good I feel…


I previously posted that this is appropriate as they haven’t a ghost of a chance and it gets deleted??

FFS lads relax a bit. I accept all the pun clean ups but this is taking the piss a bit


Having seen the jersey in real life, my estimation of it has gone up. Still not 100% sure and I think I will wait until I get to see the keeper version. Also the reference to this as a home jersey makes me wonder if they are going to release an away jersey. It’s been a while since they have had one for sale, but I suppose they never seem to wear one anymore (last time I can remember is against Cavan in an U21 game, they wore a black (or perhaps deep navy) jersey.


In fairness they used the last jersey for three championships, which is pretty good going and could hardly be accused of money grabbing.

The fact that premiership teams launch three new jerseys ever season now is ridiculous and utterly grubby & money grabbing. It also leads to teams wearing away or third kits when there are no clashes of colours, which really annoys me.




It’s been called a home jersey for a good while now and an away one never appears. Maybe it’s called that to distinguish it from the goalkeepers jersey?

If I remember correctly I think there might be fewer versions now than there used to be. The 2011 Vodafone had a sky blue, a navy and a white version. Don’t remember seeing a third white version since then. So it doesn’t look like we have morphed into the Premiership yet.


mine was deleted aswell its a fuckin joke sometimes on here, and yet others can write what they like on what thread they want. oh to be in the click