New Dublin Jersey


Though I am very impressed with the new O’Neills typography. Very Swiss.


■■■■… ya reckon we can get this on Aliexpress? :slight_smile:


One of the close-ups makes it look like there is a kinda fleck in the light blue, which I really like!



Each to their own but I was never sold on the white replacing the navy. Now we’ve a bit of, eh, both :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Will be interested to see the other bits & pieces of gear I presume that they’ll launch alongwith the shirt redesign.



While this fading business may be all the rage at the moment I fear it will not age well and in a year or two we’ll be looking at them little squares and shaking our heads. A bit like the squares on the Dublin jersey from the late 80.s … naff.

Speaking of older jerseys good image here on tweet by Dublin GAA … if the early one there with Jayo got wet it weighed a ton!


Savage - who let a culchie write that !

it should read ‘Deadly new bannner’


Still think the jersey whealo is wearing is the nicest of all time and the one Alan b is wearing is pure shite the worst of the lot.


Rated the jerseys 1-10 last night on that picture.
Vodafone red was an issue for some of the lads.
For me , last years was number 1 with the 2013 jersey being number 10


The older 6 are all gank tbh - with apologies to Arnotts, our long time sponsor who got f*** all out of us success wise, God love them! Whelo’s is particularly gank @JJF - still have mine at home and wouldn’t even wear it at Hallowe’en! I actually think Flynner’s is maybe the nicest.


Bottom right is the worst for me. Looks like someone rolled some Sellotape down the sleeves.
The bottom left (again, with a hurler) is nice. The one Flynner is wearing (2013?) is the nicest, I agree.


It’s all very subjective, but I have a soft spot for the bottom right jersey. It is very much of it’s time, loads of little design details, but it fit right in with the 90s design aesthetic in sportswear.

Nowadays I’d find that far too fussy, I prefer a simplistic design with minimum details.


Jaysus yeah @Hochopepa … a bog somewhere!


Your dead to me now.


2,3,1,4,7,6, 9,10,8,5…

player-fit makes a huge difference tbf.


Like the bottom right too, have a goalkeeper version but was encouraged to stop wearing it as the navy on the back severely faded…


No fucking way, its the worst jersey


Don’t like jersey. Old school… stripes all the way or not at all.

Delighted with the shorts as I won’t need to buy them…I have pair of beach shorts exact same so saving fewbob there.

In short, not a fan.

Being honest, the bit I dislike most is the reference to Dublin’s new “home” jersey…reeks of wankery of premiership in milking as many jeresys as possible.


that’s because it’s on Flynner !


How’s that man crush going for you?