New Dublin Jersey


Think the grading looks well on the sleeves - the shorts? no so much.
It’s feels a bit like “we’ve had navy trim, we’ve had white trim, so what’s next? Navy & white trim. Genius”


I like it, both shorts and jersey.


decent look at it here


The ball looks like a Size 3 in Fento’s paw.


After spending weeks on the Kildare jersey, you can’t blame the designer wanting to live a little :wink:


The jersey is gorgeous -
not too gone on the shorts but I don’t think they’re really aimed at middle aged aulfellas.


Gok Wan fashion tip, “The ordinary fan will certainly lose some of the intended coordinated look in only wearing the jersey. Without the shorts the trim from the collar and sleeve will obviously not carry down below but this can be rectified by wearing a nice pair of dark navy cotton chinos.”


Shorts are very 1980s esque


I’m going to have to go and stand barefoot on a cold square of lino after looking at that photo.


Jersey looks good, although would have preferred a round neck.
Shorts are rotten


The main colour looks like it is like the tipp one in that it has that hatch effect in it.

I preferred the white collars.

I’ll get one for Christmas.


Do you not have a round neck??


If you’re good.


Gonna look a bit like a priest with just a white collar …


Hmmm, not sure. The combination of navy collar and white shoulder stripes is odd. Not sold on the gradient thing, although it seems to be in fashion at the moment.

I think I’d like to wait and see the keeper jersey.


Always prefered goalkeepers jersey going to wait and see whats thatst like


Better close-ups in the video here. Actually now do not like the square pixellation of the ‘fading’ on sleeve/shorts at all.


70 EUR, most expensive jersey ever?


Only thing would’ve saved those shorts would be a bit of navy at the bottom of the jersey


That’s what the current one is online. You can get it cheaper down at the outlet on long mile.