New Dublin Jersey


Saw that written on a bus years ago … underneath it was written:

“Finglas heads wet their beds”


Get those fishing rods in lads


@Rochey - was the winner of the second -sort of bi-annual - new Dublin jersey, Limerick announced yet ?


In short, no!


Would there be any chance of somehow resurrecting the old Reservoir Dubs jerseys, for purchase? I would have loved one back in the day, but was put off by the ‘player fit’ that others were reporting.

Were the Mr Men behind it?


i had a ‘player burst’ version the first time around - in fairness we were sorted out with something that fitted better on the re run.


id be interested in one too


mate of mine has the white jersey - the southside jersey gets a run out on the astro the odd time


I had the 2008 jersey (now down in NZ with the bro) and both 2010 versions (Northside for “playing”) but the 2011 navy version is the only one that I still occasionally wear.






Like it!


Shorts are interesting. Interesting mix on jersey with both black and white trim. I think it looks well but look forward to seeing it up close and personal.

Love the #driveforfive across the back.


Not a fan


Shorts are poxy looking not a fan of gradient styles.


Meh ! :-1:


The shorts may be a challenge for the more senior pot bellied fan in that they may accentuate the protrusion. Definitely do not tuck in the jersey!


Don’t like the shorts.


I think it is great to be honest, even the shorts, a break from the normal GAA kit.


Need to be tighter…