New Dublin Jersey




There once was a dude from Dudelange,
Who was part of a terrible gang.
He made friends with @DUB09 ,
So now everything is fine,
As they watched their team go out with a bang!

  • With apologies to Hillaire Belloc.

There was a man whose name was Jim;
His players were very good to him.
They gave him wins, and glee, and glam,
And prizes of delicious Sam.


There was a young lass called Ohm
Who liked sport far far from home
No matter how remote
Match reports were wrote
But as useful as a bald man’s comb.


There was a young man fron Beneavin
Told everyone he was from Glasnevin
“You’re fulla shite” they all said
“And you’re mad in the head,
Mobhi Rd is the Stairway to Heaven”


A dub by the name of Howard

Who’s sidestep was superpowered

He done it in Croker

And left Tyrone in a choker

And poor oul Mickey devoured.


There once was a man in Brazil
Who had lots of column inches to fill
Saying it’s Financial Doping
Was his way of coping
with Sam residing on the Hill


:+1: This is it!


Just a terrible thing for the rest
We’ll do five, we are simply the best
“Oh the dubs ‘n’ their cash
We can’t give it a lash
Oh please why won’t someone invest?”




Is now a good time to tell them?


I demand a recount


Yiz are finally getting married :open_mouth:


I thought they already were?


Ballymunners steal yer runners.


Tie yer lace, just in case!



Someone should send that to him.

His knowledge of the gaa is now severely restricted as his only access was what he saw on gaago and what he reads on forums. Hoywa Ewan up the dubs ya narky bell end.:+1:


Dont elverys sponsor mayo still ??


I think they still do, this is different though according to their press release this is about being partner to a winning team.