New Dublin Jersey


What about a haiku? That’s not about my favourite Dublin player.

Bitter in Brazil
Cries while watching greatest team
Win five in a row


There’s a titan for the Dubs named Flynn,
Oh, his story, where could you begin?
All over the field,
He never did yield,
As he led us to win after win.


Five haikus in a row would do it.

“And there was fourteen
On and fourteen was off, Jim
my on the sideline”. (Haiku version)


To choose one from the best,
As the greatest was a test,
Jamesie Mc above the rest,
I surely can attest,
A true sun of the Mun,
As father is like son,
a shoulder like no other,
the opposition fear and shudder,
he can put you on your back,
whether in defence or in attack,
you will hear the hill roar,
When he clips another score,
6 golden crosses on his chest,
he truely is our best.


Hey Diddle Diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed,
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.


You’ve come a long way…


There once was a boy called Kilkenny
Whose style was the envy of many
But Jacko proclaimed
Junior football’s his game
He now has more medals than pennies !


Fixed it.


Very good. This one is.


there was a man named small
who was quite good with the ball
although named small, he was quite tall
for the last line i’ve got ■■■■ all.


There is a Fenton called Brian
Whose football skills are so fine
He sails through the air
Kicks points with such flair
His performances are simply divine!


There is a giant of a man called small
To best him is like tackling a wall
Just ask donal Vaughan
He did it and then he was gone
Which helped mayo win ■■■■ all


(If JS gets a job training young hurlers)

There was a tall man called Small,
He was never short on skill with the big ball.
When the little Dubs needed a big charge,
Smalls contribution was very large,
Now tall Small is getting big calls to play small ball.


A Limerick is a humorous poem consisting of five lines,
written in a distinctive meter with an equally
distinctive rhyming
structure (AABBA).
The third and fourth lines are also typically shorter than the other three.


I thought that was attempt at one.


Philly Mc Mahon is super,
When our backs to the wall he’s a trooper.
He made the "Star"cry,
By wiping his eye,
All this, while outscoring Cooper.
(Large please Rochey)


F*ck you… I mean F@CK you…
I had just finished a masterpiece on Jonny Cooper and then you posted.


Lads some really good ones coming in.

Going to be tough to pick a winner


And the gong for sarcastic post of the week goes to…


Oh I say… :clap: