New Dublin Jersey


Our financial doping enables us to pay extra for the collar


The collar is navy alright but it looks like the same style collar, white stripes on the shoulder too … I just wish they’d try something different, a nice modern round neck or something… The new mayo jersey for example is quite nice (god forgive me!) … if that was blue and navy I think it’d look really well.

Anyway it isn’t … so not much point in me whinging about it, we’ll just wait and see.


We’ve some neck!


I see they went with blue again …


It’s very unusual to see them move away from the recent trend of tight fitting jerseys to this one. Fento is no small man and it’s absolutely swimming on him. Murch will smother in it and even Kev Mc is gonna be tripping over it. The three buttons is a bit dated too - more like a polo shirt. Not sure I like that blue either - it’s fairly watery looking.


Launched Oct 11th - in the shops the 12th


Yeah surprised with the style aswell. Bloody dubs so much money theyve done away with the Aig sponsor aswell.



Looks like the Tipp jersey.


Seems we’re gonna be an even paler shade of sky blue…


Who wants to see a sneak peek?

Post a Limerick about your favourite Dubs player and you’ll get a look at it. And one lucky winner will get a new jersey courtesy of Ressers in the post. (judges decisions are final!)


You can brag and boast and sing about the legends of the game,
The heroes in the 70s that proudly bore our name,
His father John was one of them a stalwart of the game,
Achieving 3 all Ireland’s we knew he’d do the same,
Little did we realise before twenty ten would pass,
He would achieve a 21 and ensure our success could last,
Moving into senior he made the grade quite fast,
And all our expectations, he has managed to surpass,
6 gold crosses across his chest you never would believe,
That this great son of Ballymun, so modest, brave and true,
Could make us all so proud again of the navy and sky blue,
Jamesie Mc from the hill16 and back we stand and salute you.


There once was a player called Diarmo,
Who wasn’t very much liked in Mayo.
In 2017 he said that’s enough,
Came on and caught the game by the scruff,
And won the match winning free for Deano!


Who fears to speak of ‘11?
Not Dubs fans who were in heaven
Because the ice man delivered
Those poor Kerry folk shivered
And now we’re chasing number seven!


Who’s sponsoring the prize?



Brilliant, but that’s not a Limerick!


Move a few coma’s


I know, I know, it’s really serious…


How can you move someone if they’re in a coma? :thinking:


I once knew a Pig
She really was a Smasher
Then she got hit by a Car
Know she is a Rasher
Na Dubs Abú…