New Dublin GAA Book


Came across a new Dublin GAA book in Easons today by Gerry Callen. It’s a book of records of every Dublin football team that ever played a championship (senior,junior, under 21 and minor) or National League match from 1887 right up to this year’s All Ireland final. Fantastic book which is well worth getting for the Dublin Football nerd. Hopefully the Hurling records will soon follow :nerd_face:


Sounds good. What’s it called ?


I cannot see that happening. No money to be made from recalling hurling teams. Very low fanbase.

Nice idea though


Full Title is "The Dubs. The complete record of Dublin Football 1887 to 2017"
Now you can find out the score of the Corn na Casca final v Louth 1967!


I had a look at it Wednesday , definitely one for the likes of @Stato82.


He wouldn’t bother reading it, he’d have all that in his head!


He probably wrote it…


Ah we’re not that bad.


I was having a look at it, a massive amount of stats, results in particular. was going to pick it up for the daughter but i went with “Jayo” instead, it was only a flick through but it looked like about 60+% of the book was stats


This book is great - I LOVE it.

If, for example you’re the type of person who in the middle of a family/work crisis, find yourself losing focus because you’ve suddenly realised that you can’t remember what position Brian Mullin’s played in the opening league game of Gerry McCaul’s reign in Oct 1986 V Meath in Croke Park - then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

I got it about 3 weeks ago and I’m still picking it up every second day and browsing through it.

Outside of teams and stats, there’s big chapters of actual “writing” concerning keys players from through the decades - which are well written and very interesting.

It’s not for everyone, but if you want to know what Dublin teams lined out in whatever match from whatever decade, and who scored what, then this is the one. It’s clearly a labour of love and very nicely produced too.

It’s a book I’ll be returning to again and again!


I bought the book for my young one as she was sick of me talking about some of the player’s from 70’s through to now and not having an idea about them. Now if I mention how good Gerry Hargan was and that Ballymun have stocked us so well over the years at fullback she can just go look it up :grinning: