NBA 2018/ 2019 Season


Every team that has won this season so far has scored at least 100 points.


Has one what?


Crazy bust up here between Paul & Rondo .
Apparently Rondo spat at him & fight broke out


So he did spit on him :eyes:


they must have assurances from his side that he won’t bolt at the end of the season


Its a gamble because I’ve been reading they can’t use these picks in consecutive years . There is so much discontent in Minnesota atm that Butler has to go . Him & KAT don’t get on . It’s a shame about Butler because i rate him big time but hes turning into a real drama queen . And im not sure how that will fit with the likes of Paul , Harden & Melo.


very much a win now move for Houston because I don’t see a long term deal for Butler ending well in year 4 and 5 having played under Thibedoeu for so many years.

Ye, a team can’t trade 1st round picks in consecutive years and they can only trade 7 years in advance so its pretty much the max Houston could offer in terms of picks

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Agreed , short term move . Still don’t think Harden has the bottle for it . But only for that injury to Paul in the playoffs last year , they might well have knocked out GSW .


Delighted for Rose after all his struggles the last couple of years


The Carmelo experiment in Houston didn’t last long . Such a waste of the latter part of his career . And had serious notions about himself been a starter rather than coming off the bench . There was a period in New York when he was decent , but has going down hill rapidly .


Fultz needs help , not sure it’s the alledged injury that’s messed up the mechanics of his shot




Not something you see everyday
This guy is expected to go number 1 or 2 in the draft .


OMG Damian Lillard!


Dagger , back to the drawing board for OKC .
Round two of the playoffs is gonna be great .