NBA 2018/ 2019 Season


The alphabet to be MVP as his bucks lose the EC Finals to the Celtics.

The West would be awesome if Golden State were not there A bit like the Leinster Football Championship!


The east will be interesting just for the fact no one has to go through Lebron to get to the finals .
So whatever happens , well have a new championship pairing for the first time in 5 years .GSW the team to beat , will the dreaded hunger kick in , 3 in a row would complete a couple of careers there .


Sky after gaining the rights to show it


Wonder what happened with BT Sport ??


Season kicks off tonight .Expect Hayward to get a big reception tonight for the Celtics . A nice opener with Philly . Celtics roster is stacked . They really should be making the finals this season .
Looking forward to Kawhis meeting with the Celtics Saturday night .And of course Lebron , it might be fun to watch the Lakers even though i dispise them.


Caught abit of GSW OKC match , alot closer than i expected . But sure , its the opening night so can’t read too much into it . But i think Schroeder might be a good addition for OKC . Might be able to give Westbrook more of a break during games & manage his minutes better .
Good win for the Celtics .


In case anyone needs a hand!!!


Not a basketball fan at all but just read the Golden State Warriors are nicknamed the Dubs.
Do they attract much jealousy and bitterness?
Also see except for 2016 they too would have a 4 in a row.
Go Warriors, I mean Go Dubs!


They are sort of a mixed bag.

On one hand they are hard to like. Draymond is a version of Kieron Donaghy and Paul Galvin. Loves to do the dirty work but will not stop moaning the whole game.
Steph is a bit of a boring genius. Trevor Giles maybe?

But then they have a really smart coach and leader in Steve Kerr. Durant and Thompson seem likable to.


Was in San Fran a couple of years ago & saw the “Dubs” signs all over the place , felt right at home :grin:


Trevor Giles analogy is on the money


They started being called Dub Nation around the time Curry started becoming an elite player.


5 or 6 years ago he was getting over looked & couldn’t even get voted as an All Star . He’s had a meteoric rise . Probably one of the best pure shooters of all time. Best since Ray Allen IMO.


Embarrassed to admit I had to ask why they had that nickname a few years ago, but it’s just dub as in dub-el-yoo, or W for Warriors


Certainly doesn’t help the situation when every free agent is taking a pay cut to join them , almost guaranteeing them a ring . And the whole Durrant situation was a bit of a mockery .
But , in their defense , Curry , Thompson & Draymond ( second round , 35th pick ) were drafted by them . Harrison Barnes too was good in '15 til he had a woeful playoffs in '16. So , they drafted well & had some great support from the bench in Livingston & Iguadala to name a few . Problem is , you need a combination of Curry , Thompson & Durrant to have off nights to beat them . And they are few & far between .The '16 Finals was on of the best in a long time . That game 7 with the Cavs was epic.Truly sickening to win 73 games in the regular season & lose it all in the last 2 minutes of a game 7 at home .They made a mends in the last 2 seasons . Will take something special or an utter collapse to bet against them this year .


New Orleans Pelicans have scored 280 points in their first 2 games!

149 last night against Sacramento


The poor aul Kings, went to see a game in the Sleep Train arena when I was in that neck of the woods with work. Great people but not exactly an NBA powerhouse


Desperately unlucky during the noughties . They’ve not been good for a long time .


The Bulls will regret letting Mirotic go .


Nikola Jokic had a perfect triple-double last night going 11-11 from the field for Denver