NBA 2018/ 2019 Season


Very happy with this !

Does alot of the dirty work , very solid player .


Looks like Love is the face of the franchise for the Cavs now


Some of these contract extensions are baffling. It was the same with Melo and Wade a couple of years ago.

The closer you get to the end of your career the more money they seem to throw at you.


I suppose with Lebron gone , they needed to keep him . But you’d imagine the Cavs will probably slip back into mediocrity now . It was a good run while it lasted .


Yeah they wont be a playoff team for a long long time.

Why wouldn’t they just let Loves contract expire next year and then take a run at free agency.


I would have thought they needed to keep him to actually attract players through FA . The Celtics had huge problems with this until Horford signed . Then it kinda opened the gates for the likes of Kryie , Hayward .

Probably best explained here
On Love

“The key detail in Love’s contract is that it’s front loaded. If the Cavs’ attempt to win flops, then at worst they’ll just have to wait out the more expensive part of Love’s deal and then he becomes a movable contract in the latter half. That’s a smart move on Cleveland’s part, because it creates later flexibility down the line.”


The Knicks made the same argument when overpaying for Stoudemire years ago.

I think this attracted Tyson Chandler and they made the playoffs 1 year :joy:


The less said about the knicks, the better !
I’ve always liked Kevin Love though & am happy with this deal for him.He took alot of shit over the last few years but he took it on the chin .
And hell have a ring to show for it too at the end of his career . He was excellent at the Timberwolves before he became the third spoke at Cleveland. Id love to see him get back to a 20/10 player again.



Rockets keeping their core together as Clint Capela signs a 5 year $90 million extension.


Rip Houston