National Hurling League 2019


4.30 in semple. wankers. tipp footballers playing 2.30 in kildare. double wankers. dublin footballers 7.30 in dublin. triple wankers. its like, ■■■■ you with your two codes.


Crazy again making people decide for the second week in a row


It’s to damn cold to be sitting/standing through a double header. :yum:


Why Donal Og is given so much weight and a platform to go on on these little research projects is beyond me, he’s obviously trying very hard to take a different angle but actually just comes out with the same traditional county crap the big three always bang on about.


Hes a pain in the hole to listen to


Him and his diagrams


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:joy: He always looks like hes dying for a shite whens hes talking


… so the shite comes out of his north and south, instead.


He’s right though @Tayto, they swan around about being traditional hurling county. We’ve won more hurling titles than Offaly.
They’ve sat back, living off passed glories and done nothing to promote the game in there own county, apart from build a Centre of Excellence, so what, so did Wicklow, Carlow,and Louth.
They need to get the finger out of their hole.
Their Co Board put together a Development Team of Former players, Business men etc to draft a 5 year plan, costings, investment everything to completely revamp Hurling in Offaly over 2yrs ago, friend of mine was part of it.
When it was finalised and ready to be presented, the Co Board continuously cancelled the meetings. In the end everyone involved in the Development Team walked away.


I doubt they are his. I am sure he mentions it and some RTÉ person goes off and digs up the stuff, and that is only 10 min worth of googling anyway.

But apart from anything else - didn’t we have the exact same discussion a few weeks ago here when we said Offaly are being judged by the standards they only briefly achieved and that was a huge achievement anyway. So it’s not any startling revelation by Cusack.

This Carlow celebration thing is a little annoying too though. They succeeded, by the skin of their teeth, in not coming last. It’s good for them, but not a huge heap to celebrate.


Some have pointed out that since Offaly arrived in 1980 Cork have only won two more liams than them.

And then there is the record of Galway Waterford Limerick Clare Wexford and ourselves. None of which qualified as traditional hurli g counties under Donal ogs criteria.


They have four senior hurling clubs. There are more hurlers in crokes than Carlow.


I think Carlow have made great strides in last 2 years! At least from where they were at! Never going to be troubling Limerick Tipp etc. But at least they are improving! I say hats off to them for turning around an eleven point mauling in 1st half. Even if it was only Offaly! Both sides went out there on Sunday needing to survive in 1b and Carlow did that!


Great to see counties like Carlow doing well in hurling,they’ve had some good results in football too so really making do with their small resources


The GAA management have much to answer for. While they concern themselves with money, bad things are happening on the ground.


Good things are happening in Carlow population 56K



"But I think it’s a wider problem maybe in the GAA itself. Particularly in rural Ireland, there’s less and less facilities, there’s less money being made available.

"There’s so much strength in Dublin and I know the debate is ongoing about the support that Dublin get, or the funding Dublin get, and it’s disproportionate.

"So, yeah, the GAA definitely has to look at putting more resources back into rural Ireland. And maybe, as a broader society, we need to look at supporting rural Ireland more because it’s on its last legs really, the way things are going.

“You see more and more amalgamations throughout the county, throughout the country. I think it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with and I think people are maybe turning their heads and ignoring it and hoping it will fix itself.”



Everything has to be turned on Dublin :joy::joy: