National Hurling League 2019


Official GAA says tipp venue as does Dublin GAA official


Only for those teams who’ve both played 2 home games each afaik


I think Tipp could do with a run out in Croke Park on Saturday! :slight_smile:


Yeh it is. We play 3 games at home, Tipp played 2. Total opposite to last year when we played them.


Interesting sideline thing by Waterford. The touch and then the guy picking it up.

I think we actually discussed that being theoretically legal here a year or two ago. But never saw it before.

When Sutcliffe was u21, Dublin did a clever thing in a game where he was called to the line to ostensibly be given instruction on something - but half way there he took a pass from a sideline cut and scored. Before today it was the cleverest sideline I’d seen.


Brilliant thinking from Waterford


What did they do Wifi?



Poor commentators at a loss to how it happened - so ignored it!


what is the effin point of this? this is the most cork/hurling snobbery bullshit you could imagine. “ah shure, what ya upset for, sure you were never a proper hurling county anyway”

this is why hurling is such a minority sport in this land, the so called national sport ffs. its why there is no connaught hurling championship, probably isnt an Ulster one either this year, and why the GAA has failed hurling throughout its entire history. I’m sure the prat and bitter will be filling acres of space on this.

terrible, shameless stuff.


I was just thinking actually, there is another variation in that sideline that doesn’t necessarily have to be disguised. The guy taking it just touches the ball, you position your fastest guy 13 m away so he wins the race for the ball - he then just flicks it up to the original taker who then has the ball in hand and should be an extra man.

Currently with sidelines in a huge percentage of cases, the ball ends up with the guy who is marking the sideline taker - because he positions himself in the most likely place the ball will go and he is unmarked. Even by attempting the above, it means over time the ‘spare’ man would have to stay close to the taker and not move himself into the likely ball position.

That makes sense in my head anyway :grinning:


That makes you one of the rare breed on here that actually knows what’s going on inside their head! :rofl:


I have rare moments of clarity :grinning:


2011 and 2013 being the both of them!


I like moments with rare claret.


Saturday it is


Doesn’t even have to be rare!


Are they spaced like that to show on TV I wonder?


Why are Cork and Kilkenny having a relegation play off? I thought relegation from 1a was scrapped?


It’s to decide the group stages next year