National Hurling League 2019


Full time Waterford win. Puts Dublin top 1B. Whoop!


Two things can happen here. Offaly take the kick up the hole, get their shi** together and bounce back next year. Or nothing. Fearful it would be the latter…


Didn’t see that before the league started,pity about no promotion but that’s life

Nice little bit of confidence before the league starts




Do we have tipp


Fantastic to top the B.

Feel sorry for Offaly but there is a play off for them, isn’t there?


Relgated I believe


That was the relegation playoff.


Tipp in semple I think


I think it’s the cats as they finish 4th ahead of tipp via head to head?


So Tipp and Wexico get wins. I never know if th3 gaa tables are right so does anyone know what the pairings are?


Worst possible draw, tipp very impressive today.


It is what it is,good measure of where we are compared to this time last year



Shite …but hey will settle for that.Just have to win in simple now …unless took want a runout in croker on Saturday.


Would be a great double header .


Winner of our game plays limerick


Away to Tipperary who finish 4th by beating Cork. It will be interesting to see if it will be Sat evening or Monday…unlikely to run against club finals on Paddy’s Day.


Could not see the games being on Sunday. Either Saturday or Monday.

Well done Carlow on staying in Division 1!


Who’s up from 2A?