National Hurling League 2019


Tipp have a lot of improving to do, going to be wide open again.


Tipp’s lack of pace is a massive issue. They struggle against teams who play a running game, which is now the most favoured style of play.

The two Mahers and James Barry aren’t getting any quicker. They have all the hurling but struggle when they are isolated against speed merchants. That’s three of their first choice defence who need protecting. Not a recipe for winning All Irelands.


But then again the two lads probably thought they would beat us yesterday as well! :grinning:


Tipp :rofl:



Donaghy knows all about boxes.


Fitzgerald from Clare is a disgrace. Went down twice like a sniper took him out in the hope of getting an opponent sent off. No time for that crap


Crazy stuff games being cancelled an hour before throw in today, give people at least 2 hours


Watching limerick there their support play is very good always looking to give the ball to a man in a better position,something we could work on especially in our backs

Their aerial ability aswell is very good they really attack the ball with pace as well when it’s in the air

Laois are after hitting so many wides Where as limerick are so clinical


I was lucky enough to be at the All Ireland final last year and I was fascinated with limericks use of the ball especially in their own back line. Their backs direct style of play was something to behold. Taking the man on is not something you would usually associate with a backline but that’s what they did to great effect. The ball then always went to the man in space who delivered high quality ball in. It was an exhibition in how not to give up possession easily.


Laois are way off the pace here.


Setting a template in the way to play, we mess around with the ball in the backs and sometimes make the wrong call, leading to scoring chances


I see Niall Corcoran there with Laois. What’s his roll?

Is Corcoran not a Games Development Officer with Dublin? Weird to be working with 2 counties no?


Class from Hegarty when subbed, high fiveing the 2 younglads as he went by, made there day Id bet


GPO with crokes, previously with Galway camoige team, I think they can do what they want outside “office” hours.


Sound Liamo. So he must be their Training Coach is it?


Trained Galway camogie and got fired for training cork players at the same time.


He went in as part of Brennan’s back room team. Got shafted big time by Galway. He does some personal training work outside of GAA, he was training one of the Cork players who was working in Dublin at the time.
From what I heard he had a go at the Galway Co Board over treatment of the Camogie players and it was used as an excuse to get rid of him.
Galway Co board knew well before he took the job that he was training Cork player.


If Waterford beat Galway today we finish top of 1b. So who do we need to finish in 4th. spot in 1a to gain a home game next week? Or indeed is there any chance of us getting home advantage if Galway win that game? I know we are on a long shot having played 3 home games in regular league this year!


I’ve no clue but turn on TG4 and they will explain as the day goes by. 3 matches being shown!