National Hurling League 2019


Waterford 3-15 Carlow 0-10
Laois 3-17 Offaly 2-16

Cork 1-17 Clare 0-19 30 mins 2nd half


New structure has made league glorified challenges


I think Horgan has 13/19 for Cork


Ridiculous really. Poor enough game.


Poor standard down in pairc ui rinn. Not a great game at all.


There was the Harty cup or whatever that secondary school competition is before it at around 2 and anyone who watched that and paid in had to leave after and pay into the league game,may have had a little effect on the crowd but agree it is poor enough. imagine that in pairc ui chaoimh


You would have had to have been mossified!


7000 turned up for the all cork Harty cup final. Biggest attendence of a schools final for a long time.


And 4.737 for the Clare NHL game … wow


Unfortunately the sting is taken out of 1a with no relegation, glorified friendlies and cork resting their fitzgibbon cup players, only natural for public to vote with their feet.


Clare were very cynical? Dragged down & tripped cork players to stop goal chances on a few occasions. Black card/professional foul needed.


Limerick ruthless in front of goal and within 2 mins just changed the game totally.


Limerick not looking like a team with problems coming up with the follow up album.
Demolishing Kilkenny. 14 in it. Cats with wind and stil 25 to go but limericks attitude, physicality and hurling is frightening this early in year. Munster group a minefield but will be the ones to beat this year. Kilkenny players, line and crowd looked shellshocked


Some hunger and work rate from Limerick.


Wonder if they took the foot off the gas towards the end to rub it in.


Good win for Wexford v tipp


9 point win v Kilkenny is a good win at anytime of year.


Good win for cork v limerick, still without their UCC contingent.


Heard two Waterford supporters chatting before yesterday’s game about favourites for All Ireland this year. Cork Tipp Clare Limerick in that order! No chance for Galway or Waterford in their option!


Tipp? Really?