National Hurling League 2019


The lack of relegation/promotion will take away from the leagues a little,groups will be more or less even next year so very little consequences


If they’ve any sense they will stitch it on the person responsible for the childrens hospital cos they’re going down anyway.


Cork didn’t look at all interested in being there yesterday.


Disgraceful pitch altogether,for the money they spent to get that in return is very poor


used to be the pitch was good and the stadium was a kip.


Apparently there are serious moss & algae issues with the terracing. So heading toward being a kip of a pitch & stadium :upside_down_face:.

Only in Cawk! Wonder if Ger Cunningham involved with it :grin:


Yes terrace was closed because of it ffs what a joke shop.

Excuse given for the pitch is that its below the level of the lee. But it always was :thinking: and apparently its the top level not underneath that is the problem.

Theyre going back to pur now which is shameful.


Surely they can sue the people who did it? Or was it a few farmers from Nth Cork …


Surely the sensible thing would be to give PWC (an honest accountancy firm- honestly!:rofl:) half a million to investigate, once they agree to not find anybody responsible?


It looked like they’d just rolled a sod of grass across the top, every time a player turned you could see the sod coming up. Ridiculous with what was spent on it. Don’t know why they didn’t put something similar to croker on it.


Ran out of lolly.


Croke Park bought land in north dublin (or meath?) to grow turf for Croke Park and Cork so i guess they will be changing it.

the thing i cant get over is the mould on the terrace. A few bottles of green away and a powerwasher and thats sorted. maybe they cant “afford” that either.


They bought land in the naul.


I hear @NorthDubHatchetMan has retired to the Bahamas since …


I thought only the Kilkenny cats did that?


fat cat frank wont like that


Waterford 2-07 Carlow 0-07 ht
Cork 1-06 Clare 0-09 ht


Attendance in P Ui Rinn is just 4,737. That’s poor lads - no?


Fair play to Offaly - giving it their all in second half it would seem


Terrible attendance