National Hurling League 2019


The GAA seeing itself as the saviour of modern ireland again.

But I think it’s a wider problem maybe in the GAA itself. Particularly in rural Ireland, there’s less and less facilities, there’s less money being made available.

There’s so much strength in Dublin and I know the debate is ongoing about the support that Dublin get, or the funding Dublin get, and it’s disproportionate.

there is no proof of this. there are more kids in dublin than are total populations of entire counties. I recall when Boden’s went to the all ireland a few years back people being amazed that there were more players in Bodens than in some counties.

The GAA has to invest where the population is. Rural depopulation is a government issue. Keep the population here and then work on it.


since I’ve got my gander up on the GAA seeing itself as the sole protector of rural ireland- heres a wee story from somewhere not a millions miles from here in the recent past.

A soccer club in a town area has reached a cup final. this is a very big deal to the soccer club. a proportion of the soccer team plays for a local GAA club. no brother, you say, as the GAA is out of season and this is virtually the last action of the soccer club till next autumn. Not so. the local preservers of rural ireland decide to call on a challange match in the grade that most of the soccer players are at. better, they organise it against a neightbouring club who also have a few players on the team. The soccer cup final is at 3pm, the chlllange match is set for 11.30 and theyre told if they dont line out for the challange match they’re off the panel.

Soccer team, leading with ten mins to go later, loses as their players are exhausted. This was a cup final. There were no more matches, so it wasnt even designed to stop a cup run imposing on the GAA calander. It was done out of sheer spite.


think theres only 6 or 8 in offaly.


That is just pathetic behaviour.


8 senior A.
8 senior B.
8 inter.
The A champions regularly get to Leinster and all Ireland’s club final.
Senior B beat Dublin champions in 2018. They is a much stronger base in offaly than carlow. Cooldery hammered MLR in 2018.


i’d have to find out how senior B is - here in tipp there are a lot of clubs who are really inter but were awarded senior status for merging and they will never give it up. some of them are probably junior in reality.


Coming from a lad who’s County got bailed out by HQ…


What does he expect the GAA to do for rural Ireland? Build factories and make jobs? The GAA is doing what it should do, following the people where they want to go and providing for them where they are.

Apart from that, I am not sure the facts totally back up the whole rural depopulation thing. Yes, cities and towns are growing, but so is the overall population. There might be less people in some rural areas relative to other areas - but I am not sure there are less people. There were always amalgamations and there is nothing wrong with them. My wee one plays with an amalgamated team and it gives her a chance to meet kids not at her school (which will help when she goes to secondary). I suspect the difference now in some rural areas is that previously they got 90% of the kids and now they aren’t because of competing ports (or no sports), but that’s a different thing.


Well indeed, methinks that rather then address the actual issue he’s just looking at the misinformation about money in dublin. money wont change demographics, nor will GPOs. The whole point being that most rural children will be exposed to GAA and if they want to play will have a local club with generally pretty good facilities. That was not the case in dublin, hence the investment. The GAA can’t do anything about rural depopulation. And besides, demographics change, small rural clubs will always ebb and flow. The media love an old bad news story. When there’s boom times they go on about how clubs in america are struggling for players and in the bust times there’s the same about rural clubs here struggling because of so many players off in Oz. Always the bad news stories.

We’ve moved near a village with a population of 520, and they have algamated at undersage with the village down the road population 800, the reason being so that they can field at more age groups. perfectly sensible approach.


One thing they could do is lower the age to play senior, heard a thing a year or two ago about Donegal clubs not being able to field at adult level due to u17s not being allowed to play and they would get fined for not fielding, so maybe that could change but if people are moving from rural to urban areas thats a government issue and not a GAA one,surely the GAA would be a massive factor for some people in staying in rural communities


I think they do.

Huge amount of young people migrate to Dublin/Belfast/Cork or overseas.

Migration stats kind of obscure that as outward flow is more than balanced by inward.

You just have to look at rural villages even in east coast counties like Wexford to see the impact that is having.


Young people move away for 4 odd years for college then a year abroad or whatever then to find work they’ll move to a bigger area


Yes they do move away. But they always did, at least from the early 50s on when agriculture work diminished. I don’t think there is any specific reason a rural village now should be any less populous then in the 70s.

Population centers move throughout time. So definitely some will have reduced in size. But others will have increased. My own village in Louth is twice the size it was 20 yrs ago and we are beyond any commuter belt for Dublin or Belfast.

But if there is an area with no jobs and crappy land - then people should move away. I don’t think it’s a particularly bad thing. Sure there will be a need for an amalgamations of clubs, but so what? The club exists to serve the people, not the other way around.


Galway hammering Wexford and Wexford have lost a good few through injury in this game. They look over trained and tired and it’s only March. We have a great chance this year of stopping the Davy train.


Davy will win as much with Wexford as Derek did with Waterford.


Wexford held Galway well in 1st half, only forward scoring was Joe.
Fell apart in 2nd half with the wind, looked like they hadn’t a clue how to handle Galway. Liam Ryan big loss in fullback, Wexford backs could deal with galway forwards after he went off.


At least Derek won a league title.

Davy will win sweet F. A


Ah you know what I mean! It’s all about champo.


I wonder who he’ll try and sell snake oil to next?


He clearly said in the media last week he didn’t give a crap about the league. Championship they’ll be way better.