National Football League 2019


The sooner the Provincials go the better.


Jaysus Kerry won’t like that lads. No bye to the QF any more.


Three games to win an All Ireland after getting a bye into the Munster Final!


We can talk about players but I wouldn’t underestimate management experience - not many leaders get the better of a Gavin Darcy Sherlock circle who are still in their prime


Cool story


Whose stock has fallen in recent weeks?


Anyone want to back Kerry to win their last 3 games of the league ? Nah, didn’t think so . Having obviously learned nothing from Galways league run last year, they have gone on to try emulate it with gusto. Their still 6/1 to win the champo for all those believers who want to rob the bookies.


Without reading - if its GAA, its Dublin. If its Rugby - Ireland.

Any other sport - christ knows. this is the chap who thinks nation states shouldnt be a thing in sport.


Let the media Mayo wankfest commence


Damn you are a hateful bunch.

Anyway how about aidos performance tonight goys.


Nothing personal :grin:

Just certain prominent elements within the media will blow up that result.

It was a good result for ye lot to get down there.


Didn’t see it. But doesn’t Aido always perform? No?


Honestly I thought he was incredible absolutely bossed it


Well all I can say is well done. my enemies enemy is AOS. And if they big man can knock a few lumps out of the keepers of the flame, I;ll toast him tonight. Good victory for Mayo, much needed after your last two games and no better way to do it than against Kerry.


Of course he did.

  1. It’s the league.

  2. It’s March.

  3. The game will be forgotten about tomorrow.


I wouldn’t look too much into it , it’s a win in ridiculous conditions in the league agiasnt Kerry who know they are pretty much already in the final. Some encouraging performances by ruane , Kevin Mac and aido. Loftus disappointed but that type of evening was never going to suit him either


Sure you can only shift the girls that are in the hall like


Congrats Mayoman. Sport is a funny auld mistress! Yis better go and beat the Farney now!


Won some money on us this eve. We are always dangerous when written off…:Kerry are coming but it’s a year or 2 too early for them in my opinion: up Mayo;)


Just watched it there. Great endeavour. Big Aido had a stormer. Fair play to Mayo. Deserved winners. Sean O’Se is very very good.