National Football League 2019


How far you reckon we will fall? There are plenty out there who would love to see us crash and disappear…though I’ve grown used to people saying Mayo football is finished but we usually bounce back…sometimes it takes a few years but we don’t go away completely.


I don’t like to see any county fall back, like most supporters at times I wish the worst on my rivals, but in reality the more teams that are competitive the better, as long as we still win:)


Spot on. Gavin White will be a big addition. Might move Murphy to WB. I’ve called out their backs a few times. And when you see them persisting with the likes of Enright Crowley and Morley you’d fail to see where the necessary improvement will come from.


Morley could do job. Gavin Crowley could be centre back along side White and Tom O’Sullivan. If Murphy not in backs could play wing forward. Murphy or Morley in full back line with Jason Foley and Graham O’Sullivan. Agree on Enright and Peter Crowley though Enright showing well so far.


If we play kerry in league final and give them a trimming ,it gives their management a chance to try and fix any problems and weaknesses they msy have ,which wouldn’t be exposed against any other teams other than us .Not that i wouldnt mind hammering them mind.


It’s never too early. It wasn’t too early for Dublin in 74, Kerry in 75, Dublin in 83, to give some examples of teams that were given no chance of winning All-Irelands til they won that same year. Many on here said Kerry had no hope in 2014…


If we get to play them again in the league I would expect another close game, whether or not it has any great significance, possibly not, as long as we didn’t lose again. However if we get to play them again and they win, even by a point in extra time or a replay, then it really would be of significance, IMO.

Anyway this is just the sort of shite that Tyrone want to hear. Serious challenge coming up, no training games from here on in.


I think whatever happens this year, and there’s a long way to go yet, yous will have the nucleus of a another really good team if there’s talent to come through to compliment it. Looking back to our breakthrough in 2011, some players who had multiple years of great effort and tough defeats played a very significant part, Alan Brogan, Ger Brennan, Cluxton, Bastick, Barry Cahill, and of course Cullen.


We’re people here really saying Kerry had no hope of winning in 2014…even after “that” semi final in 2013?

I know we’ve been gleefully sounding their death knell (too old, Gooch & Donkey are past it etc etc) since 2011, but were we really dismissing them that much?


I certainly believed they had no hope in 2014. But then I was probably basing that on believing they had no hope of beating Dublin.
Mayo really missed a trick that year in not beating Kerry when they should have.


However Dublin have conceded more than Kerry, Mayo, Tyrone and Galway this year. Could be an issue for us also if not sorted. Granted we have players to comeback etc


Aye but we have scored 10 more points than any of them. Also 0-07 v Mayo and Galway is not bad. First day v Monaghan was a very rusty performance.

Also ‘people’ keep talking about the high ball. Seems to me that every county in Div 1 is dodgy under the high ball from what I’ve seen. If it is an issue for us it’s not exclusive to us.


OK, IMO it’s too early for Kerry to beat us based on squad and experience. They may have a chance of an AI if some else eliminates us. If it comes to pass, I’ll hold my hand up.


I certainly think Kerry have a good chance of winning Munster this year. With only half the amount of counties as Leinster it’s a good mathematical chance and add in the fact that Clare, Limerick, Waterford, Tipperary and Cork are all pretty abysmal then another provincial title (their 81st) is not beyond the Kingdom.


I respect Kerry football and they have the unique ability to win all Ireland with less than brilliant sides , while I respect them I don’t believe that respect is reciprocated, I personally maybe because of my age won’t let my guard down when it comes to Kerry, I’ve to many scars to allow that , all being well and avoiding injuries I do believe we are stronger, but in a once off game only a fool would underestimate the Kerry


I have a healthy respect for Kerry too. I wish we had some stiff competition in Leinster like they have in Munster as they go seeking their 7th title in a row and 9th in 10 years.

While considering that great debate about the best 4 in a row team and is our 28 game achievement as good as their 15 games to do the same I noted that 7 of their games were against Munster opposition - 2 v Waterford, 1 v Clare. In the four finals v arch and close rivals Cork the winning margins, in order, were 7, 10, 10 and 11 points - 38 points in total. More asterisks I think.


Personally I’d agree our four in a row is the better achievement because of what you’ve stated, equally there are many who would state Kerry didn’t make the rules and beat what they had to in order to get their four in a row


Very true brother @Damothedub but these days when you point out to these same people that Dublin don’t make the rules they don’t want to know …


Totally agree it’s like cliche heaven, depending on the question there’s always one to fit the bill


Sheet yeh, just realised, there’s every chance no matter what record of consecutive Leinster titles we might set, it doesn’t look likely Kerry will be losing any Munster titles soon.

But then again, provincial championships as they are currently constituted might be done away with before too long… :shushing_face: