National Football League 2019


I wonder does he need a big screen?


Is it Ballotelli or Balls on telly?


But it’s a competition to find the best football team. If greatness is judged on character, there are a lot of other more suitable tests.


Character is only one of the attributes, I didnt mention skill flair speed longevity scoring ratios medal haul as that was not the context of the discussion, I never singled out character as the only barometer


Or they don’t have any really good opposition.
Kerry in the oughtirs is a fascinating example of all sorts across the board. Very tough opposition in 2000, won after replays in semi and final.
Tough opposition 2002, lost by a point in final.
Weaker oppo 2004, won handy. Tough oppo 2005, lost final by 3.
Weaker oppo 2006, ran away with final. Tough oppo semifinal 2007, won by two. Weak oppo in the final who they thrashed. Tough oppo in 2008 final, lost by 4. Fairly tough oppo 2009, won after a battle but never looked close to losing.

Overall they lost 4 finals and won 2 where they had serious or very good opposion. The won one All Ire after a tough semifinal.


Mayo were actually trying in Connaught back then. And have declined in the last two years…


Kerry are wide open at the back but will attempt with Clifford back to outscore the opposition. I would think Dublin would expose their defence badly in Croke Park.


Mayo are gone since the newbridge or nowhere match. I would expect them to bow out early this year and continue their way down.


They already know they have some defensive issues to sort. Who’s to say they won’t sort them?


Yep, and if they have those in abundance, way more then any other team, they are going to beat everyone well. But by the original logic, that actually makes them a lesser team.


Did u read my post above about Kerry in the 00s? I think that goes to prove it really does depend what opposition shows up in the two major games of the year, and actually in the final itself more so.

OK there will be years where the best team/squad don’t perform their best in the final but overall when a team wins multiple All Irelands there’s enough evidence to judge how good they are and how good the opposition is.


I read it, but don’t really agree. I can’t get my head around the fact that a team that is pushed really close by teams X,Y and Z is a greater team then the one that hammers teams X, Y and Z!

I am being a wee bit disingenuous (thanks to spell check for that!). I do get the concept that the greater public can judge the greatness of a team more when they have a special nemesis type opponent. But that’s a different thing, it is saying the general public regard this team as great because they had these battles etc. But that’s Off the Ball / Eamonn Dunphy type pop psychology to be honest. The object of the game is to win matches by as much as possible and the team that wins the most trophies by the widest margins are the greatest.


Too early for them this year, but with Buckley as a coach they’ll come on well in defending


They may sort them but they are finding forwards a lot quicker than they are finding backs. I still think the league final if its to be Dublin-Kerry will see their defense found out.


Any chance people can stop micro analyzing every post in order to enflate their own ego , I posted and gave opinions of which I’m more than aware are not everyone’s cup of tea ,it’s a forum for opinions each to their own , if I wanted every single thought and word regurgitated I’d just talk to the missus


Disagree completely on several accounts but mainly the last one.
Aim of the game is to win and keep winning.
After that, if you win by a wide margin, either the oppo wasn’t so good or, on some occasions, you played your best that day, and perhaps your oppo didn’t.
That’s also why several years of evidence is needed to make a judgement about one team, and even then it’s still going to be somewhat arbitrary, as that team is somewhat different every year, especially in these days of rotating and large evolving squads.

But if we suspend all of those many imponderables for the purpose of the discussion, we can say clearly that Kerry in the 00s mostly won All Ires where they didn’t have really strong oppo in the final. Even the 2009 final wasn’t great opposition as that was a team they hammered in all previous championship games in Croker (bar one freak ending where they gifted Cork two late freak goals and it ended up a draw).

And in this decade Dublin have mostly won All Ire where there was very tough opposition in the final. Still a very seriously good, Kerry team in 2011. A Mayo team desperate not to lose back-to-back in 2013, who had also beaten us in 2012.
And, Mayo in 16 and 17 were better in those finals than they were in 12 or 13 (or the 14 or 15 semis). I think that’s widely accepted. Only final where I felt Dublin played well below their very best was the 16 drawn game.


You’ll learn to separate the analysts from the analists over time …


I think (if we make it to the final) Kerry will use it to start discovering solutions to those issues, whether in the game or following what they learn from it. There’s still time for them to improve rapidly.


Well the first four letters are correct :joy:


Can see already Kerry are conceding very little. Buckley done great work with Mayo with their defensive structure over the years. Dara Moynihan and Micheal Burns are good working half forwards who will track back when don’t have possession. Kerry weakness is when run at their backs. They are similar to Dr Crokes will foul high up the pitch to get bodies behind ball when not in possession.