National Football League 2019


Great post - We had this in 2014 - we were the team that couldn’t be beaten according to the media - and we were.

Let the media talk about Kerry - put indirect pressure on them - were grand tipping away in the background


Couldn’t agree more , five is history, couldn’t give a toss about six , the danger is we will look at all Ireland’s the way many look at Leinster, the all Ireland to have value you have to have opposition of equall ability, otherwise we are Celtic


Is this what they call pre-therapy? Can we not live in denial until it actually happens? This is the unspoken realisation that none of us wanted to speak . I suggest you keep that type of talk to yourself.


With agree with that. Jim Gavin won’t give much away so let the media divert the attention to Kerry and Mayo.


Its year zero after that


I think the theory you have to play teams of equal ability has its flaws. Every so often a team will come along that is just better then everyone else. The margin they win games by should be a measure of how good they are, not to be used as a rod to beat them with.

In my book a team that wins All Ireland’s beating every team by 10 points is better then a team that wins them winning by a point.


Winning by 10 points means you aren’t pushed , it doesn’t determine if you have what it takes when the going gets tough , Rock Marciano is the only unbeaten heavyweight champion, forget AJ as he’s still boxing , yet he’s not considered the greatest and probably wouldn’t be in most experts top five , why ? The quality of who he fought , a team that’s put to their collar and has it in their brain and heart to see it out that’s the sign of a champion IMO


Or that a team is so good that no other team can get anywhere near them.


Don’t get all this sh… about the media’s darlings, what the media say has never won any team an All Ireland, the media can big us or anyone else up, but it will mean nothing in the heat of battle. I would pay fair more heed to what the bookies say, as I am not a betting man, I don’t know, but I would be very surprised if Dublin are not clear favs to win the champo.


I’m reeling after that one @bigp


True and I remember people saying when we were hammering Galway for fun in Connacht that Mayo need a stronger Galway to be tested…Bull…look at us now. Please bring me back to those days again.


So a team that is 9 points worse then the hypothetical team that wins by 10 points is better because they are pushed (because they aren’t as good)? That requires a bit of suspension of logic I think!

In fairness I know what you are getting at - but I don’t think it applies to county football. If other teams go through a huge shake up for some reason (I.e. Rangers demotion / bankruptcy) yes it means things are easier won. But when there is no huge impactful event and a team wins easy because they are better, then in my book, they are just better.


The media will change soon enough too when teams fortunes change. They have crazy short memories.


I have to say also that I have never seen a team or management carry themselves like our lads do. Some of the critics could do with taking a leaf (or dozens of pages) from those lads. They do stuff all over the country too - see them on Sunday - selfies and autographs with all the young Rossie and Dublin fans. We may not be as unpopular as is made out.


In fairness many county players do great work away from the field an limelight like as you say stopping and talking with kids, calling to sick fans in their home, charity work etc…just don’t get caught talking selfies with kids if your Aidan O Se


Speaking of which the one with Firmino on Sunday was most unusual!


Or Mario Balotelli s just after his goal for marseille


Is that a mobile down your shorts or are you just glad to …



but they have the same results at this stage as Galway did last year and very few were tipping them for Sam.

The portlaoise prat was!


It’s how you judge character, I could list a hundred teams or sporting individuals that had talent but lacked bottle and character, you don’t learn either or prove either if your opponent is shit , I know the Dubs can only beat what’s put in front of them and have no influence in that regards