National Football League 2019


Plenty if Dublin jerseys to be seen around the clubs in Belfast.
Especially up in St. Paul’s.
General Jim is a very popular with the Belfast clubs.


The media’s love for Kerry combined with their manic desire to see Dublin beaten this year has contributed massively to Kerry now being seen as the great white hope who can take down the almighty Dubs.

But, Kerry are the team best challenged to beat us. They have the capability of beating us. Anyone claiming otherwise is wrong in my eyes. They’ve cleared out the older guys, they’ve finally put in some of the minor winning teams, and they’ve given new players a chance. Kerry are streets ahead of where they were last year. It may not be this year, but they’ll win an all ireland soon, as painful as it is for me to admit it.

We are still favourites for the All Ireland, and rightly so. I still expect us to win it this year. But it’ll be far from a walk in the park.

Listen, the media can frustrate a Dublin fan to no end because of their endless anti Dub agendas. There will be certain corners of the media who will never give this team the credit they deserve. That can’t be changed, but I don’t believe their hope for Kerry is anti dub, it’s simply who they believe is best to take us down.


All the above is very true.

It worries me that they beat us in the League Final in 2017.

How did that actually happen?


i agree with you on all of that, it isnt the message that kerry can win this year, thats just a fact of life and if they win then they win and we dont, thats just how it is.

but it is the sheer unbridled glee from certain quarters, people who are salivating at the thought of it which is annoying. I have no issue with the pundit who says they want dublin to be challeneged to the last ounce of their abilities to win an all ireland - that is how it should be. But it is the delerious thought they are esposing that this is the team to beat the dubs (at long last!!) which is galling. This is “great white hope” stuff, Cooper-v-Ali and it wouldnt be said about any other county - and we have the proof of that when kerry and kilkenny were on similar hunts. It really is getting to “wont somebody think of the children!” levels with carney last night, for example.

When KK lost to tipp everyone was delighted for tipp, great match, how they had come back from losses to KK in previous finals and all that. If Kerry win the 2019 all ireland it will be thank ■■■■ the dubs are beaten. Its positivity for one match, negativity for another.


a black card, and a ball hitting the post.


Unter Ubergeneralmeister McMahon must be a bit popular too?


DC black card, and a shocking 3rd quarter


That’s very well put. The level of investment others put into hoping we lose is staggering. It’s sad when one can only seek joy when others fail


I’m just surprised at your surprise. The media, the agenda, the mafia, a certain cohort, have been driving this stuff since after we ruined the accepted narrative/natural course of history in the 2013 final, and then started to compound it with fantastic football in 2014 and more All Irelands thereafter.
The natural order had gone into turmoil and had to be corrected, inevitably. I don’t blame Carney for getting caught up, he’s just an enthusiast like Marty, carried along by the mafia campaign, the romance of the Flame, the ring of unnatural power will be cast into the fiery depths one day soon and the world of Gah will be saved again from utter doom.


He is.

They never let you forget he’s some Belfast blood in him, as they do with Jimmy Keavney.


Dean Rock missed a kickable free. I’ll go to my grave resenting that. not…


No wonder The Man We Called The Pope has that grumpy cocky edge about him!


Sure didn’t he go with Jim G up to Falls Park over the summer?

And they supported the ‘Game for Anto’ Finnegan……another west Belfast man.

I think that’s why Anto’s daughter went for Dublin in the semi-final in 17.

Read a nice piece that JG said about Anto……very sad.


i posted about the striking simulatiry between the kerry and kk 4-in-a-row victories.

it would be a very odd emotion if we were to lose this year and win next year. then again, only for Jim the Genius we would be on for a 7 in a row now

being a man who enjoys suffering (its almost lent!! :smiley:) i had a quick look at martin breheny’s report on the 2014 semi final.

this bit

So much then for all the predictions that Dublin would dominate the football scene for years to come.

was interesting in retrospect.


I’ve utterly no interest in anything beyond this year. Every year could be an end to the good times, far from any guarantee of anything no matter how good it looks. For example, if Jim Gavin packed it in after this summer…

To be honest I don’t give a monkeys about records now, just want to see this team keep it going for this year, make it to the final, play to their ability, don’t get caught by a sucker punch, especially before the final. Just want to see the great players still there from 2010/11 do it one more time.


Get the five done by the grace of God and I’ll take and accept what ever happens after that.


Just accept it all, now. Chance of another league final. Could be the best football we see for most of the rest of the year. Tyrone gunning to get one over us and an outside chance of making the final too.

Paddy Andrews flying it despite the walking stick. Young Gavin putting it about. Costello having brilliant days. Comerford staking a claim. Cluxton’s Zimmer frame up for grabs but still in his grasp. Johnny as great as ever a corner back was. The other old boys trying to hang in there. Jack still flash.

Con could be next up to be due a great run of performances. CK in his prime, Fento perhaps still not quite at his peak.

Happy days, every game, every day that isn’t the last of the good times.


They could be up there right enough. But their complete lack of a breakthrough at u21 / u20 has to be factored in. Last year may have been an anomaly because seniors weren’t allowed play u20. But in the previous years they had teams with two and three sets of minor winning teams and they didn’t even reach the U21 final.

There is nothing yet to show really they are the team. They are having a good league, but they have the same results at this stage as Galway did last year and very few were tipping them for Sam.

They could do it, and history tells us Kerry will never be far away. But I think we need to see a lot more evidence before we can make a call. Munster is particularly poor at the moment, so their first proper game will be in the super 8s and we wont really know anything until then.


It would still be a remarkable achievement if the win a senior national league title this year


Kerry are flavour of the month but I don’t understand why ye are all getting upset here…if I was in the Dublin panel I would love another team being talked up especially in a 5 in a row year…

What do ye want the media to do…come out and say Dublin are unstoppable and repeat that every day u til the All Ireland final and go into hype overload?