National Football League 2019


Tomas an excellent pundit.


He’s far from the worst.

A wee bit prone to Dessie Dolan’s fondness of stating the bleedin’ obvious. But hopefully he’ll get better over time. He’s not at it that long.

Would love to see Tomás out of the studio & doing match commentary too. Imagine him in place of Carney or Canning. Paradise ! Plus he’s much too cute to be caught out when he has loads of time in the studio to prepare what he wants to stay & can stall with all that non stop “AhshureDeslookit” cute hoor carry on. A live broadcast is much less forgiving.


The mask has slipped in the last month or so though. Kerry kacks firmly on now and he looks like hes chewing on a wasp when hes talking about the Dubs. I.wouldn’t be fooled by him


The more the media hype this Kerry team the happier I get. Let them be the focus of the summer coverage and our lads can just get on with playing.


He still gives the best analysis of a game. No Kerry man will truely enjoy talking up a Dublin team but he does it because he knows its true.


I think he is genuine enough… Of course he is a kerryman and like the scorpion on the turtles back…


Oh I like that analogy.

I’ve no idea what it means, but I’m robbin’ it. :scorpion: :turtle:


You’re still a mad yoke! Bless ya!


Because I’m a Scorpion :scorpion:


Exactly and they can’t fucking help themselves.



My nickname was the Scorpion. No - sorry, it was the scorpy one …


Grand so.

I thought it was gonna be one of those pig in a poke type yarns from Peig or Billy Goat Keane or some such Yerra shyte.

Or maybe I’m just confusing it with the parable of the hare and the tortoise.

Or the one about the babby seal that got clubbed to death…or the eagles that were poisoned…


Let it roll on my friend


Kerry are unbeaten , top of the league , have a new Manager ,Mayo look like they are going backwards. Pundits need a team to challenge the Dubs, its obvious they are going to talk them up.
A lot of explayers and pundits consistantly give us the recognition we deserve . There will always be a few clowns who arent worth listening too.
Kerry being talked up is no bad thing for us.


Stop talking sense and let us have our outrage for God’s sake! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:




Cooper wasn’t on so I was giving the Monday sports review a go. I honestly thought Carney had tears in his eyes describing Kerry. Like Ali baba describing the cave full of richness. It was disturbing.


Back to the football league.

And what about ye?

When’s a thread going to be started about the Dub vs the land of Eoghan? I feel confident.

@BelfastDub We’ve spies in Belfast. Any man with a dub jersey is considered the enemy.


Put down the pink gin and start one yourself you lazy trollop !