National Football League 2019


While I’m amazed Frank Murphy wasn’t on the Committay, I would question the diversity of its make-up. Two former managers and a former player - all from more or less the same era. Oh and a woman. It just strikes me that there would be a lot of sameness in thinking there.

In fairness Tracey Kennedy is the County chair and seems keen to drive it. She will meet a fair bit of opposition I think. Interesting they are considering a rule that college players will not play in the championship if they have played championship in club football - a good idea IMO.


Traceee is just as much one of Frank’s “don’t rock the boat” yes men, as his 2 main stooges, Ger Lane & Pierce Murphy. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Nothing new or innovative will ever happen in Cork, until they get rid of the Frank era mob. It’s not just about changing the people down there. It’s about changing the entire culture from the top down. And that’ll never happen until the old mob are all gone, not just Frank himself being replaced by someone new like Kevin O’Donovan. It’s a start, but they’ve a long way to go yet.

Case in point, why is Brian Cuthbert involved in any of this? He was one of the worst managers they ever had & only got the job in the first place because he was very well connected? He knows what exactly about modern, high performance sporting metrics? :woman_shrugging:


God do you always have to diss women. Us lads here constantly preach equality and equal opportunity but as soon as one of the fairer gender gets a leg up you’re dragging her down. No wonder women find it so difficult.


I diss ALL non binary, gender neutral Cork people equally, regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation, ethnic background, refugee status, trade union membership, religion, sex or tripe & drisheen preference.


Frank is still in charge no matter what people say, and that’s the problem.


That’s because of their super powers…


Anyone any idea of when tickets are going on sale? Nothing available yet


Bring it on…


100% in favour of this.

Home in the Nell.
Away in whereever.
Neutral in Croker.


As long as we can designate Parnell Park for our Home game then I’m fine with this. My worry is that from a safety perspective it doesn’t get the go ahead in Parnell Park.

You’ve a risk of 20,000 fans turning up to a venue of under 10,000 and all sorts of carnage associated with that.


Thank god for that, it was an embarrassing arrangement last year


We only played 8/68 games outside of Croker between 96-2010. The famous 4 in a row against Meath in 91 all played in Croker. Don’t remember much objections of playing in Croke Park then?


DCB need to insist on the Nell.


I wonder why. Couldn’t possibly be down to the fact that wasn’t a period of us winning AI’s . Nah culchies would never be so selective…


What about O’Toole Park? :joy::joy:


Breheny being the pathetic Dub hating ‘journalist’ that he is is almost wetting himself with excitement here!! Don’t think this reflects too well on Donegal either. Not aimed at Dublin says the Donegal chairman :joy::joy:

I really do hope we nominate Parnell Park for this game.


Won’t be long now until there’s a motion to have us play the semis elsewhere too


No doubt. However GAA are contractually obliged under the premium level ticket schemes to play semi finals in CP so can’t see them being able to change that easily.


To be fair if the games with us were sell outs in HQ there would be no real issue but as we could only fill half the ground on most games last year it gives weight to the move out of croker campaign


Won’t happen due to the corporates and the soft seat brigade!! Isn’t that right @dub09 ?