National Football League 2019


i know, but they’re saying it and have been since last summer. any excuse, literally, any excuse at all.


God love them. They think we actually take the ‘cute Kerry hoor’ thing seriously.


Martin Carney is almost crying describing Kerry there on the last word. Almost duignan levels. Embarrassing.
O’Se lists off all the great new Kerry players and Walsh and so on.
They move to the Roscommon match. Mark, what Dublin players stood out for you?
No reply. Dublin’s bench later this year.
Carney - on the Roscommon match - only Kerry (blubber blubber) stop Dublin from another all ireland.

The kerry hype train is 100% in full flow.


Similar on Woolys pod . Gushing about Kerry . We’ve heard it all before . The great white hope was supposed to shoot us down , only for a abit of bad weather scuppered the whole thing .


It must be a romance thing.

It’s as though football isn’t the same unless Kerry are there.

Maybe I just got sick of listening to that last decade…but I think if they’re not good enough then tough luck.

They got to deserve AIs like everyone else.


Good. Very good. Hype the ■■■■ of them. Make them this decade the 00’s version of Dublin… hype them up and stab them in the back when they fail. Martin Carney is an arsehole. I’d rather nearly listen to bitter than listen to that idiot.

The love with Kerry will always be there, gas when they where smashing the bollix out of everyone (except tyrone) they where still loved. It must kill their small town mentatilty to see this Dublin team. Kills them.


Was that Marc o’se? He was a bit more pragmatic on the Indo podcast which is worth a listen. They had Roy Curtis’s on.


I can hear it already. ‘Young Kerry team ready to take on dominant Dubs. Is history about to repeat itself?’. They seem to ignore the fact that our team is looking fairly young itself. Sweet Jesus, if Kerry win an all Ireland soon, you’d think we were just lucky that they were taking a break and allowed someone else win a few.


I admire Kerry’s achievements no fan of Kerry,since we turned the tide I’ve seen a different side to them , I’ve said it many times them and Kilkenny you can’t beat them often enough or by enough ,however a discussion forum should come with a level of balance and honesty, leave the yeraa bullshit to others , if I’m a Kerryman god forbid then you’d have to be happy where your at , they haven’t peaked and are blooding new players , as a Dub I’m equally happy , we could do without injuries to Philly Eric and Jack but these things happen and we have big enough numbers to cope , normally the league can be a big of a phoney war , if we were to meet in league final I doubt that would be the case


Not to worry fellas.

After we win this next lot of games…we’ll bate Kerry in the final for ye.


And Cork more than likely Div3 in 2020 , powerful province indeed for the "Class of 92 Yerra Yerra Clones " to crawl out of :wink:


We can leave it to others

‘A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he’s just as good as everybody else’.
John B Keane


Another rip roaring Festival of Kerryness on OTB now with Donaghy’s regular Monday evening slot.

Aren’t we all just lucky to be alive to listen to it? :roll_eyes:


In fairness why people continue to listen to these programmes absolutely baffles me.


@DUB09 I think some people deep down want their tummy tickled…


Tomas was on the podcast, Marc was on the radio. Tomas the much better pundit of the 2.


Marc a good co-commentator though


Breaking News.

We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this Newsflash.


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Over to you Plastic Sheeting…


This is awful




The nuns always said it was having your…ahem… tummy tickled that made you go blind.

But each to their own.