National Football League 2019


One game i think. The whole disciplinary system in gaa is a joke. Needs to be modernised big time


Putting any rivalry and blue tinted glasses aside, it’s great to see Tommy Walsh looking good again. He suffered terrible with injury and looked as if he would never get back to inter county level.

If they get himself, Geaney, Clifford and JOD firing it could be fun in summer.


I don’t think he’ll be there in Summer. He caught a couple of marks ok but kicked a couple of horrible wides today. I’m not sure he’ll be able for the white heat of C’ship battle.


He may not be a starter but he could be a big impact sub. Put it this way, we find a role for Eoghan O’Gara at times during the summer. I know who I would prefer to have.


Yeah I’m with you… Eoghan ogara be my choice all day long.


I think Walsh is a prime example if the Aussie Rules experience not working out over there and back here in the aftermath.
He was a brilliant young footballer, in my opinion.


Think he won a mark today & fired the kick wide (not sure if wind was with or against him, to be fair). Didn’t he do exactly the same thing against us though?

He was a serious talent before he left. Accurate kicking, post Oz, might be an issue for him though. Any length of time over there looks to play havoc with certain player’s kicking style. Thank Christ that Ciaran Kilkenny cut his spell short.


It will take alot of games for Walsh to get it back at the top level I’d say. If he can get to the level of fitness required too. What he offers apart from that though is the experience and class at the top senior level of the game that Kerry have little of currently in the team. I’d imagine also he’s a hero to some of the young lads in their squad, and gives alot behind the scenes.


There are class of 92 type stories starting about Kerry already.




Because they are Kerry.


Oh right…Man Yoo Class of 92. Sorry. Clearly haven’t had enough coffee yet.


These wee young lads are now the keepers of the keepers of the flame. And somewhere in RTE a Marty Morrisey is dreaming…


Not the Marty though. Mayo v Kerry next weekend. I think they’ll send Brian Carty to commentate to avoid a Marty party in the coronary care unit.


Once Tadgh Kennelly got his agent’s fee, sure everything I fine.


He was 31 Last week. It’d be very rare for him to make an impact at this stage. The ‘mark’ certainly suits him but won’t be there in the Summer time.


Munster teams are last three in div 2 with Waterford and Limerick mid table in div 4 and Leinster is supposed to have issues!


You won’t hear Tomas o Se or any of the others mention that


no, the new narritive is how hard kerry has it in a “Hurling Province”.

sure you cant expect a football county marooned so far from everyone to win every second or third all ireland!


A outrageous statement. Even the Healy Raes, would find it hard to muster that statement with a straight face and not shite themselves laughing.