National Football League 2019


Mayo is all I’ve read about.

Anyone interested in the beautiful game in Omagh last night in what was a feast of Ulster football?

Anyone? Beuller…Bueller, anyone?


Where’s the mute button on this remote?




So anyways it was a great contest in Omagh.

Two teams ready for defense.

You want to see the wides followed by men getting back into their own half.

Come back. Please. There’s more!!


A few Tory MP’s pay good money for such experiences.


Check out @Nially1988’s Tweet:


Pitch inspection down in Yerraland


Our win today now puts us in a good position in the league.

A win against Tyrone in two weeks time will make us favourites to take second place on the division - that should be a good game.


Yerras losing 0-09 to 0-07 to Monaghan at HT


Looks like Killarney got a brief flurry of snow as well.


Kerry by two now.


Farney down to 14


Kerry getting into a very good habit of winning games with good use of the bench.

A chance to beat them in a final would be very welcome


Kerry win by 4. Sean O Sé free-kicks plus sideline point proving important again. Interesting point from Tomás O Sé…


Looks like Monaghan played their all Ireland final already. Gone to shit after beating Dublin. Rte radio talking up the kingdom. Pile it on boys pile it on.


They’ll be hoping for snow on 1 September rather than rain.


That’s a new low.


Kerry keeper seriously flakey.


What’s the max ban he can get that for that?


Not long enough