National Football League 2019


Just thawing out here. Fairly tame match in Omagh.

Cavan were poor and hit a pile of wides. Think they got 2 scores from play in the entire game.

And once they went a man down (second yellow i think) the result was inevitable.

Main thing is that Div1 status looks secured after a rubbish start.

But Cavan look to be going down. Thinks that’s 4 defeats for them. Monaghan will be hoping yous hammer R’common.


Class !


Ah stop ffs. I made my points. As for stick to the hurling, I’ll just let that go.


Ah ya never know with the way the qualifiers can go, well I never know, it’s always a bit confusing. I’d love to see us take them apart if they keep playing so defensively but at their best they are a serious challenge also, I think the league final last year and the All-I semi both really stood to us.


Let what go, the hurling? Jaysus yer fierce cranky tonight.


Pricky McPrickhead? Indeed, people going on about crowds, style of football, managers, resources etc yet is the blatant fouling, assaulting, and cynical behviour of the likes of Keegan and others called out ever by the same people? Now that’s the sort of shit that would put people off watching games etc. The fact that the institutionalised culture of fouling and violence in gaelic games is ignored in football (and some players that practice it really well get awarded and lauded, see in the encyclopaedia under ‘L. Keegan’, C. Gormley etc).

Ah but shure tis all good manly shtuff.


I’ll buy you a jar for the 5 in a row!!


There were a few factors. Galway’s style of football and generally not bringing any great buzz to their two major games Vs Dublin was one of those. That’s one county, can’t blame all the ills of the game when one county is like that.

Tyrone not being able to make more of a contest of it (though they did pretty ok considering) and the fact they still play a very similar system to the 00s and people are tired of it, when they had more brilliant footballers and were beating Kerry people were happy enough with it despite the uglier aspects.

No sign of any other Leinster team really improving is a factor, though to be honest I’ve long ago lost interest in much of the provincial stuff also because of the qualifier system. Ulster had some great contests still but that has declined as the quality hasn’t been as good and the ultra negative tactics became more widespread.

Mayo & Kerry being knocked out/declined/serious injuries for Mayo meant Dublin didn’t have a fierce rival that could push a major game right to the wire, unlike every other year since 2010. That has to be a factor. The loss of Connolly was another.

On the other hand, I personally enjoyed, as I’m sure many others did, the novelty factor of facing the Galway challenge, and having Tyrone in the final. A break from all the hype and nonsense that surrounds championship games Vs Mayo & Kerry year in year out. The brilliance and entertainment of Howard, Mannion, and Fenton with cameos from others such as Scully, Jack, Cossie etc. Jack and the revelation/rediscovery of CK as a top attacking force, in general, were fantastic to see consistently through the year.


Yer on!


Five jars in a row of course.


The more I see of this Mayo team the more I see them perpetuate the exact same mistakes of Mayo teams going back to time immemorial … yet they never get called up on it - by anyone!


Same old Mayo is right,give these younger lads even more of a chance,we all know what Keegan boyle etc can do so give them an extended break


I’d actually be raging if I was a Mayo
fan after that. Unforgivable to not win that game when they needed to stop the Galway ‘rot’ and set down a marker. They conceded 1-02 without reply when they had two extra man and then pulled to a point with 10 minutes to go with a gale behind them - and still contrived to lose. Unacceptable tbh.

Bad decisions on line, poor game management, crazy shooting, fear of shooting, stupid wides and ill discipline … on a scale not seen since … eh 7 days ago.


Very very frustrating team to support is right,wonder why these decisions are repeatedly made

Makes you realize how lucky we are as we don’t have a manager who doesn’t make as many stupid decisions very little in fact and we’ve a team where risks pay off, like many people would’ve wrote off Murchan me including but look at him now flying it

They’re mad for football down there,everyone loves it but they must be so frustrated,but they still turn out in fairness to them


They just don’t learn from their mistakes and the media ‘love-in’ assists this. They are never critically analysed - it’s amazing really.


But. They are not good enough. That is why they cannot win


It’s 2am on a Sunday morning and we are wondering about a team who haven’t won Sam since 51 , even mayoman has gone to bed. Night night lads…


Yeah well some of us are waiting to taxi their teens home from the disco.

Why didn’t they stick AOS on the square second half??? Baffling. A fair few Mayo people seem very against horan. I’d be worried if there isn’t a Connaught this year.


I wonder has Horan got another game in mind, building the evidence to get rid of some stalwarts. Seems the least likely scenario though but he has 6 points to play with, so as long as they don’t get relegated he can call the shots.

But…those stalwarts are his lads essentially, he brought them through and into semi-finals and finals. So the other scenario is much more likely, that he’s trying to ‘play them back into’ some level of intensity in these games Vs the best teams around that they can reproduce later in summer. And it’s not working. Yet another defeat to Galway after yet another defeat to Dublin and really poor performances. Does he believe that this will somehow make them storm through in the championship like the good old days?


Why didn’t you call them up on it?


Discos in Tipperary!! Jaysus they re catching up.