National Football League 2019


Hi Mrs Higgins.


Angriest homo sapien ever. Mr. Furious.


Decent tempo to the game, the helter-skelter nature of Mayo digging themselves out of a hole, a passionate crowd (that’s not a dig at them btw, it came across well on tv, at least). Mayo’s score-getting efforts though? Car-crash tv, agreed.


It was about as much enthusiasm as I could muster to respond to your “insulting peoples intelligence” tirade. Come back with a reasoned post/argument and you’ll get a response in kind. Or stick to the hurling. :stuck_out_tongue:




Galway again ? How so dont think they can be in a final with us afaik barring the Yerras fucking up


And MacKenna will blame Dublin GAA. The paranoia is real​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yep, the invisible man when the going gets tough.


Thank christ we don’t have to rely on the Yerras to beat Mayo now. Straightforward for us now


Head to head count this year , from a second place point of view ?


We win our next 3 games and we’re in the final, yeah?


Yep we beat Galway and Mayo on head to head where they to win their final 2 games


Win for Kerry tomorrow puts them into the final for sure


And the stars are aligning! Same old Mayo.


Yes but if 3 or more teams are level it’s points difference. We’ve 22 points on Galway and 7 on Mayo. Wouldn’t do any harm to rack them up tomorrow regardless


Hurling attendance was down 5% last year.


If ever a performance summed up Mayo. Get back to a point with 10 mins to go and a gale behind them and can’t close the deal. They must’ve had half a team of over 30s (some well over 30) at the finish, many having played a full game. Madness … pure madness.

But no critical analysis at all - not a bad word. Crazy stuff.

Ps I thought Aido did ok.


Marty on the radio was commentating like he was at a funeral during the first half.

Then during mayos 15 min of a comeback he was acting like it was an all Ireland final.

Then he wet back into funeral mode but he also sounded like he wanted to belt the Mayo lads for giving away the frees.

He called a player Fiona in first half (Finn o ?) and had a brief homoeroticism in the second half “Mayo man on galwayman shoulder to shoulder side to side this is what people want from Connaught football!!!” Got so carried away he lost the ability to describe what was happening on the field for a bit after.

Oh and Keegan was “great entertainment off the ball” according to the permatanned prick from prickland. GAA euphemism for fouling like a sewer, but we can’t be saying that, can we.


You have quite a way with words !


Somewhere out there, Joyce is pulling the lad off himself.