National Football League 2019


James Horan has never lost game to Connacht opposition in championship/league.


Deegan wouldn’t referee a game of cards.


Enjoyable second half.


How so? Four scores in half an hour? Most of them cannot kick the ball, or just choose not to. How is that entertainment?


Colm Boyle really is the angriest man in the GAA.


Whilst I do think there is a decline in attendances overall (partly down to the incessant negative coverage in the media, some at least of which is anti-Dublin propoganda), I also think there will be a boost relatively speaking around Dublin trying to win this All-Ire, alot of people will want to see one of the greatest sides ever to play the game, and/or be there the day they are beaten. And I think that will even knock over into Leinster, especially if Meath go better this year.

There’s always an appetite for a revolution…


Like hell that would only be a yellow card if it was John Small or Jonny Cooper. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Can you imagine the outcry?:roll_eyes:

Walsh going down like the proverbial sack sickens my hole though.

Edit: He seems dazed for a good while after but the Boyle slap didn’t look in any way heavy so what gives?


Agree Deegan is doing his absolute best not to send Mr angriest man off :upside_down_face:


I disagree with every word of that. It is nothing to do with the media. Two things are happening. Dublin look unassailable and football is sh1t as a spectacle now, as it is not football. You are insulting people’s intelligence. They know what they see. You can predict the outcome of lots of games. There is little scoring and less skill. It’s soccer, but slower.


We’ll see. A lot seemed to get very bored with them last year.


Great result for us if we want to push on and make a league final…watch OSe change his stance on the Sunday Game tomorrow


Big Aido disappearing up his own hole when the game is in the melting pot again.




Galway by 2


Get in. In our hands now


Sure you love hurling, what would you know?


There was an exceptionally clear free not given to him with about ten mins to go. He was trying to burst out with the ball. Bottled up and fouled by 3 Galway lads. Result? Free to Galway. How would you be?


You might be surprised. I know a small bit about football too.


Very bad result and poor performance from Mayo, not looking good for them at all.

Look forward to see us come up against Galway again at some stage.

Cracking goal btw, top quality, it is a shame Galway don’t commit more.