National Football League 2019


Not sure where to put this but it seems that Tommy Walsh is back for Kerry. A midfield option with new rules maybe!


Full forward option with new rules, more like. A very good player, when fit.


That explains a lot …


It’s Bomber 1978 deja vue all over again Rodney. Except Tommy Walsh is/was a better footballer than The Bombster


They’ll have Dorothy back next.


Please God no!




luckily for us those rules will not be in for the championship this year, but its plain to see what this is all about. the new rules do nothing to stop the blanket - the purported reason for them - and a lot to stop our footballers.


Wow the league season is not that far away.


Well, it is for you. And me.


RTÉ to show live league games as well as club games for the next 3 years.


That’s good news for the GAA. Eir Sport still the home of league games bur here’s the detail of the partnership…


This is great!!

I know we should be encouraging people to go to games etc, and televised games in Feb/March may encourage people to stay on their couch…but anything that will grow the game in terms of popularity is fine by me.
If this means that just 50 young fella’s in each county are inspired by watching Fento, McManus, McBrearty, Harte, Keegan, Clifford et al…so be it!


i’ll still listen to the radio coverage which can be very good as they go from ground to ground


Great for the club game. 4 live/“live” games per week as opposed to two at the moment. Don’t think Eir showed 2 per week.


For a second I thought you were my dad but he would have said “wireless” otherwise word for word him :grin:. He often watches game on mute with “wireless” glued to the ear


No harm showing league games where they usually are tight games of evenly matched teams
May take a little away from attendances but the exposure to games is a good thing


Five year plan?? Bit short sighted I fear.


Bit too optimistic if you read the full plan in my IMO but its a start maybe a ten year plan would have made more sense because they dont have too much time to change their current mess


Think they are right on the money. If they aimed lower they still might only achieve 1/2 but if they achieve half of this they will be well on their way back. At least they have finally recognised how bad things are and are attempting to do something about it.
An awful pity so many other counties such as Meath and Kildare wouldn’t adopt a similar approach.