National Football League 2019


Hard to say.

It’s not a great squad to begin with. Certainly the weakest forward line of the top sides.

Feel slightly better after seeing how good Kerry were. And Mayo might impress against Dublin.

One good forward would make all the difference.


Thought the same when the fixtures were made.

I was at the game in ‘17 and Dublin were still waking up from holiday. Ended in a draw.

March is a whole different proposition. Even last nights performance was scary.


Harney the fucking eejit cost Ros the game. Stupid fùck


Think they caused their own downfall by not playing in the second half.

Listening to the radio and pundits couldn’t work out why Ross came out differently int he second half.

Poor match.


Thon Brolly can’t help interrupting.

And he’s turning into a Bob Geldof character - always banging on about saving football.

You’d think he played in the Derry Harlem globetrotters.


Genuinely, do you reckon Morgan would be worth a shot outfield?


Joanne is becoming a pain in the knob as well though.


She knows what to do with cable ties alright :wink:


Well Niall Morgan usually plays MF for Edendork.

So he’d be well used to playing outfield.

In fact…the big reason he went into goals is because he said Cluxton inspired him!

The other keeper left the panel this year so I reckon MH will have him play Russian roulette with his solo runs.


I reckon Joanne knows Brolly’s form and is laying a marker

(sorry couldn’t resist being a Kerry pundit)!

That’s the last 2 appearance he’s started his ‘Save Football’ campaign. And he played for Derry. Sweet Jesus.


Her ‘I am the voice of reason’ thing, which is clearly planned, makes me want to reach for the trusty AK-47!


Playing Conor Meyler FF sums it up I’m afraid. Decent HF, but shocking in front of the posts. I heard McAlliaskey is back training, big boost though will take him a while.

Harney is some clown. They were saying he got the line in Sigerson too.

Cork are in an awful bad way. Clare are a handy side though. Some tough men on show, but can mix some lovely football in with it too.


Dont know how you can blame Harney when his team mate got a knee in the head, All he done was give Morgan a little shove and the pussy dived. Morgan also should have saw red for not only the cowardly knee but been third man in. Similar incidents happened twice in game up to that point when Tyrone players ran in and ref never hopped the ball. Lack of consistancy a major issue with refs at present.


Ah here you have to totally blame Harney. He does nothing Rossies get a free from 21 in front of the posts and 2 points in the bag. Incident had nothing to do with him. Point the free, Win the game and walk over to him and point at scoreboard if he likes. But what he did was a nothing trying to be the hard man but potentially cost his count div 1 status.
As a half Rossie myself I genuinely hope not but no excusing what he did.


Yep. Not difficult to blame him, especially as he has form for this kind of thing. If he can’t exercise a bit of cop on in the dying seconds of a 1 pt game, when you are going up against the most cynical shower of hoors (hi Daller) in the GAA, then he will be a liability to you. Better hope Tyrone & Cavan remain winless, or his stupidity may just cost you your Div 1 status next year.


Not much to add to the two replies above. Morgan did dive and prob instigated the whole thing post free. If Harney stays cool you win the game. He doesn’t and you draw. Book stops with him, eejit.


yip - silly push when the game was there for the winning - Morgan is going to go down easy , Same as John Small after Donnie Vaughan hit him - if he stayed on his feet Vaughan might have got away with a yellow and mayo could have pushed on.


What form has he of this?


He was sent off in the Sigerson recently wasn’t he? For what it’s worth he’s a very good player. But needs to ditch the Comer-esque hard man shit and just play ball. He could go far if he does.


No he wasnt. Played full games in both of UL games in this years sigerson going from match reports anyway. Cant ever remember him getting sent off for DCU in the 3 years before that. You must be mixing him up with someone else