National Football League 2019


Say hello to Division 3 Cork. :laughing:


Seems Monaghan v Galway was a must-miss. Glad I did so.


Monaghan lose a second game. If we win all 4 we can make final still. Kerry v Mayo May be crucial.


Ref awarded Roscommon a free in in last seconds and then threw up the ball - Tyrone cleared and it finished level.


Some win for London

Beat Wexford 2-11 to 0-08


The Davy effect no doubt.


Roscommon scored just once in the 2nd half - a 7th minute goal.


Good to see Leinster teams in 6 of the top 7 positions.


Leitrim unstoppable … and why not with the most funding per player …


Thise results mean that this will a tight division especially the bottom half - we’ll need to get some wins soon to get some breathing space


Duffy retired from inter county refeering .


Monaghan got a away with a lot of the ball stuff.


ROscommn centre forward deserves a slap form his own teammates. Winning free cancelled due to one of the stupidest acts of petulenece I’ve ever seen.


Indeed, pure stupidity. So saying Morgan should have seen red for dropping the knee on the player on the ground.


Morgan kicked some points - but he was lucky to stay on alright.


Brain dead stuff from Roscommon,the small margins.Tyrone need to start picking up points somewhere doesn’t look good for them as of now but I expect them to improve


1pt on the board from three games is awful…and with Monaghan and Dublin to play.

Tyrone can’t get scores: 0-7, 0-10 and 1-10.

And 8pts in 3 first halves…or nearly 2hrs of football.

That must be a record.


As I said, the whiskered one needs to go. You may say that the forwards are not there. I suggest that you have players who would flourish under an attack-minded manager.


At least Tyrone already have the Mayo and Kerry games out of the way. The next game against Monaghan is a big one, the loser is facing into a relegation fight (even if I think both will survive).

On another note, while the results haven’t been ideal we are top scorers in Div.1 with 4-54. That’s pretty good going considering the time of year.


Tyrone have us in Croker the 2nd last round of games on Paddys Weekend as well not helpful to them