National Football League 2019


Very good sir!


Sitting on 2 points after 3 games, not ideal if we want to make the final, I still reckon we can win the remaining games and get 10 points. The question is will 10 be enough? I reckon it should be enough to tie with at least one other team if that team is Mayo we would go through, so at this stage we should hoping that we beat Mayo and Kerry do likewise.


We do need to hope that Kerry win all of their games and Monaghan drop three more points. That would see us through, provided we win the rest of the games.


If Kerry win all their games Monaghan would need to drop just one further point. At this stage if we happened to make a final through Kerry beating Mayo and Monaghan then the final will almost definitely be against Kerry. :grin:


I think Mayo will beat Kerry, if they really go after it. Kerry will beat Monaghan. Monaghan could well beat Mayo.
Must win is a tough place to be. Mayo could well beat us as well and then we’re fighting relegation. Huge games coming up, Kerry were steeped to make the final in 2017, and Cork pulled a sicky years back in their last regulation game Vs Mayo which knocked us out and then Cork walloped Mayo in the final. Roller-coaster almost guaranteed.


Bit early to be bringing up the R word Al. (Even for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) We are not getting relegated. End of.

Mayo may be unbeaten, but 2 of their 3 wins have come against Cavan & Roscommon - the 2 counties most likely to get relegated. We have yet to play them. There is no way we will lose to either of them. So worst case scenario is we end the league campaign with 6 pts & head to head wins against both Cavan & Roscommon. We ain’t going nowhere mi compadre.


Head to head win v Monaghan? They beat us. Roscommon you mean I take it.


Yes indeedy. That’s 'wot I meant.

Ninja edit job just done. :+1:


Monaghan Galway zzzzzz


Normal service has resumed in gaelic football. Galway placing everyone behind the ball. Press Monaghan when their in possession.


These are top tier teams. Everything would be fine with a tiered championship.


4 scores taken from 18 scoring chances.


I’m off. This is absolutely painful rubbish. Life is too short to be watching this shit.

GAA has a real problem on their hands with negative managers ruining the game.


Agreed , absolutely awful , tbh borderline disgraceful. Galway are an absolute abomination to watch , albeit Monaghan not much better .

Every single play is so slow & porous .


I didn’t even attempt to watch it.


How the hell is Cormac Reilly a inter county referee? :frowning:


Is that not Wee Martin Duffy doing Monaghan v Galway?


Tyrone look in serious trouble.


And we keep hearing the reason inter county has gone to shite is Dublin keep winning … me arse.

Morgan dispossessed - Roscommon goal.


Monaghan guy did the exact same as John Small there about 10 mins ago and I don’t know if he even got a yellow.

Tyrone not done yet.

Meath tying up, Cork getting hammered by Clare.