National Football League 2019


The nature of that semi defeat helped shape the 03 team…just 7 years later.

Not a million miles of how Kerry soon tightened up after Armagh and Tyrone.

That Kerry team from 06 onwards could be as tough or dirty as any team. (Although obviously in a superior way).


Brian Dooher & Peter Canavan took some punishment that day.


After the first ten minutes of the Meath match, Tyrone’s three best forwards had bandages on their heads. Martin O Connell actually walked on McBride’s head! Meath were dirt burds.


They where pure dirt. Still McHale all 6ft 5 to get involved in a scrap and work his way through a whole crowd without connecting a punch and then get sent off was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.


True. All he was short of was an actual handbag.


Now I laughed at that! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Much bigger loss to Mayo than Coyler The Spoiler was to Mordor.
Question is, would Mayo have beaten Tyrone or Dublin that year??


Comical. Jaysus Meath lumped them around in that row


Yeah Canavan’s was the worst.

Early on he was hit late as he was taking a shot. And it wrecked his ankle.

That injury out him out of action for a year.

The thing is that Meath fans were quick to tell Tyrone to man up and take their beating. When they did tighten in 03 they were called thuggish.

But no doubting they were some team.


Ceist ar @mayoman - which do Mayo fans prefer for League fixtures - Sat evening or Sun afternoon? Crowds on Sat are huge. Does it suit more people? Does anyone give out about Sat - eg people who have to travel back to the likes of Belmullet, farmers? What’s your own preference? Like most venues there definitely seems to be a better atmosphere on Sat.


Would there still be a rivalry between Dublin and Meath…or that just from fans from the 90s and before?

I mean would Dub-Ogs even think of them as rivals anymore (bar the ‘10 LF)?


They really don’t register any more which is a terrible indictment on those running football in the county. Even the die hards don’t expect anything any more.


That’s what I figured.

It’s like the Derry matches.

In 2006…there was a league game in Celtic Park and they just fouled, fought and dragged the entire game.

It was a case of you might be AI champions…but we’re Derry.

Now they don’t even bother putting up a contest. You may as well bring the picnic basket.

That’s why I enjoyed the fight from Armagh this year. Football’s got boring.


Not only that. I work in Meath and many of the homes in East Meath are populated by Dubs. If we are playing Meath, you will see Dublin flags and jerseys in every town, Duleek, Ashbourne, Ratoath etc. It must be dispiriting for Meath GAA people. We dont hate them, we dont rate them and we are moving in!


Yep, but they should be capitalizing on that by now and they don’t seem to be, I mean look at what we have gotten out of some of their folk who moved into the smoke:).


Na fianna played bettystown in a blitz last year @ u12 . Parents of bettystown kids were all dubs. But it will change and Meath will eventually benefit from this influx.


Ciaran Mac of course


Sat night…pints before and after…most people off work next day…great buzz


Mick Byrne’s!


All the talk of us playing our biggest challengers this weekend I’m after ending up In Castlebar by mistake