National Football League 2019


da-da! Just got that.

UFC…Ulster Football Championship / Ultimate Fighting Championship.

They should really mix up the words to avoid any similarity.

On second thoughts…that could result in FUC!


It was a factor but Vaughan’s act of stupidity which resulted in a certain scoreable free and the extra player advantage being lost was as decisive. A game has many decisive components.




Defeats the purpose of having a goalie go walkabouts though. He supposed to be an extra man.

Not so sure about that as i think the goalie upfield lark is meant to confuse the opposition and draw one of the covering defenders or forwards if its in Ulster! to him thus leaving an attacker or if its not in Ulster a defender! free to attack in the opponents half. So you could drop one defender back towards goal and still create an advantage.
At least in theory it might work!?


To get us in the mood for next week and give @mayoman a Friday treat …


Next week? Break next week…sat week my friend


Tis too - forgot this was the third game! :+1:

Ye will be going into the break with a fairly unassailable lead I think. Just like Liverpool.


“Now your gonna believe us were gonna win da league” :wink:


I have yis down for the Double.

League and Connacht! :grinning:


Have ye any young lads coming into the panel?


Sounds like a Jimmy Saville question!


Nah we brining back Willie joe, Ciaran Mac and Joe Langan


Who was your favourite player in the 90s and 00s teams? The whole country was sick yis didn’t beat Meath in 96!


That was the one Mayo really should have won. Coyle, the little rat!!


Not half as sick as people here.


Meath put their stamp on the game against ye in semi final that year.


Meath were a hard team. Bullied Tyrone.

All’s fair in love and war.

But it definitely tightened Tyrone up afterwards.

Sometimes think of Sean Boylan whenever people from here want Mickey to go…look at what happened to Meath after he left.


In fairness think they were in a far worse position than Tyrone are, when he left.


After that game, Tyrone joint manager, Eugene McKenna said something along the lines of they would have to develop a mean streak.


That’s true.

Was at the barbers earlier and he was giving off about MH.

He’s well into his 60s and loves to moan. But he’s knows his football.

But I look at the shambles that Derry are in…and the CB should have a succession plan in place.