National Football League 2019


I think Donegal’s main problem last year was losing Paddy McBrearty to injury.


This. 100% this.


I agree, but if losing one player, regardless of how good he is has such an effect, it defo casts a shadow over the team in general.


If your stuffed because one man gets injured…that’s a weakness in itself. Injuries and suspensions affect all teams.

Donegal had a saunter through Ulster…Cavan, Derry, Down and Fermanagh. Mostly crap sides.

For the game in B’bofey…they led 3 pts at half time and 4 pts mid-way in the second. But you could see Donegal begin to tire in the last 10-15 mins. They ended up losing by 6 pts. It’s a game they should’ve won.


I dunno. Imagine if we didn’t have Dermo last year.


Dublin have lost more and better players…and still won the AI.

Something is wrong with a team if they pin their hopes on one player.


Could have had a psychological effect on them, he was playing out of his skin before his injury and maybe it knocked the confidence out of the team, but agree, individuals are important, but not to that extent.


I’ve seen keepers lose the ball and the ball kicked into an unguarded goal, rule number one if keeper goes rogue someone protect the sticks


Outside of Dublin what team could afford to lose a player who averages 5 points a game. Take McManus out of Monaghan last year would they have been within touching distance of an All Ireland final?


For sure…any side will miss a good player.

But for me…you can’t overlook Donegal’s easy path to that game…or how the long route probably benefited Tyrone in terms of game time and fitness…or how long the players had been together…or manager for that matter.

Sometimes that run of games can help a team.

But Donegal were in control. It was only in the last 15 mins they began to tire. When McClure got the second goal, his markers were out on their feet.




If it’s in front of goal yes, of course. But Gah has 15 players, all of whom are allowed to handle the ball. Unlike soccer…


Agree every team, including Dublin will miss a top class player, but the effect it has can vary, remember Donegal are a side with a good few players who have won an All Ireland final and played in two.


Diarmuid Connolly came on and swung the game for Dublin against us in 2017. If he wasant available would Dublin have won? We will never know.


You cant argue with that - O’Gara starting backfired and loosing jack so early caused a reshuffle that lost us midfield for that first half. Dermo was freed up from keegan as he was marking kilkenny and really did make the difference.


If he doesn’t come on we lose imho.


I just think that when Donegal did a lessons-learned of last season…there was more than P McB in the ‘what went wrong’ box.

Tyrone are missing M Bradley and C McAliskey this season…but it’s not the sole reason they’re bottom of Div 1.


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