National Football League 2019


Think it was AIIFC semi in TG4 last month where An Spideal keeper (could have been Breatnach the Galway goalie?) went walkabout and his handpass to team mate was intercepted by Antrim club player who lobbed the ball into the empty goal with aplomb from nearly the halfway line!
Only a matter of time before this happens at SIC level.
Maybe teams should drop a defender (or a forward!:grin:) back in goal when keepers foray forward?


Defeats the purpose of having a goalie go walkabouts though. He supposed to be an extra man.


Paddy Cullen!!


I’m allways stunned when a keeper goes walkabout particularly at club level and nobody thinks to jump between the sticks and mind the house , baffling I’d be screaming like a Kerry banshee on the sideline and defenders looking at me thinking what’s his fookn problem, maybe I’m still scared from what happened to our Paddy


Mattie Donnelly?


Manuel Neuer - different game same mistake.


Mattie D reminds me of MDMA…one gear which is to bomb forward.

Although I’d say Mattie gets more scores.

Think he’d have found a place in the 03-08 team. But not in this Dublin side.

Saw highlights of Fenton on tv…his fielding and link up is something else.


Did they show all his catches? There were at least 3 but only one shown on RTE - none on TG4


No just the one where he caught the kick-out…it led directly to a score a few passes later.

Read the match reports in the paper.

Grim enough commentary on the ulster sides…but praise for Dublin’s second half performance. I’ll post the article.

But makes you wonder if the league format should be used at the of the season.

Donegal won Ulster…only for Tyrone to knock them out of the Super 8s. Maybe the Anglo Celt isn’t so important.


There was something similar in the Irish News from Cahir O’Kane.

The last statement is very true. The real prize was reaching the final. And if anything the lack of games probably hurt Donegal. Plus they’d the easier side of the UFC.

THEY may have won the Anglo Celt Cup last summer but Donegal’s crown as the best side in the province was soon stripped from them by Tyrone’s Super 8s win in Ballybofey.

Monaghan also outflanked them from the other group to reach an All-Ireland semi-final and in doing so, almost instantly dilute the weight of their June silverware.


Would defeat the purpose of the extra man out the field?


That argument was often made in the past, til Ulster teams started winning All Irelands and then the Ulster Champ was judged to be an advantage…


I’d say Ulster is still the most competitive…3 teams who can beat each other on a given day…and no team able to do a 3 in a row this decade. And Armagh are improving.

But there’s a big gulf in standard to Dublin.

In some ways you’d think Dublin and even Kerry would struggle as they come from weaker provinces.


Connacht is competitive too - 3/5 could conceivably win it.


That argument had alot of currency in the noughties and in 2014 but its been pretty much smashed since. Unless you think a competitive Leinster would have us on 8-in-a-row All Irelands currently?



Have to admit I thought Roscommon would be a flash in the pan…but it what’s 3-4 years in finals and they could well win next week to put Tyrone in serious bother.

Wonder if Paddy Tally leaving will impact Galway…


Hasn’t had the expected positive impact yet anyway :joy:


No…just you’d figure a weak Province wouldn’t do you any favours when you come out of Leinster half-baked. In that it’d be a perfect time to get ambushed…obviously not.


With the Super 8s you’re better off coming out half-baked - once you come out!!


On that point…I think there was a game every week last year.

It took its toll on players…and fans’ pockets.

But in the winner-take-all game in Ballybofey….Donegal looked busted in the last 10 mins when they conceded the goal. Winning ulster and taking a rest did them no favours.