National Football League 2019


I remember a few years ago…Bart saying Rock should be on the team just for his free taking alone.

That’s before Rock developed into the player he is now.

When Tyrone missed those handy frees…it was met with moans. And you could see the confidence drain from McCurry.


Mark Bradley is a huge loss. McAliskey to come back who is very underrated. Surely has to be other decent forwards? Sludden, McGeary and Harte are defenders converted into forwards.


People copy success…

S Cluxton redefined goal keeping. Now every keeper does drills to ping a 45.

But it’s the intelligent players that are able to adjust during a game. And that’s something you can’t copy.

It’s what makes Dublin so dangerous at the moment. They can work out puzzles on the go. You don’t win 4 AIs on the spin without it.


‘Still time for them to turn the league around too. In many years a few teams seem to get going at games 3/4. Many years a few teams seem to get going at games 3/4. Mayo targeted a big first two games. Tyrone will also be well in the mix at least in the summer even if they leave it too late in the league.
Every year people say Micky H should go after one or two poor results, yet they have made gradual progress every year. They did much better against Dublin last Sept as against the previous semi-final. Not an unbridgeable gap if they get another 10%’

If you take the last 3 games of the league assuming teams have something to play for and are taking it seriously it gives a good indication of the relative strengths of each team heading into championship.

Still think Tyrone will be giving Ulster a right go this year to take a shorter road to ths Super 8s. With Monaghans inconsistency and Donegal in division 2 I think they are still a force to be reckoned with.


Yeah Bradley is doing a teaching course in Liverpool.

McAliskey will take a while to come back.

Darragh Canavan to come back - although I don’t even think he’s a regular for Errigal Ciaran.

Sludden, Harte and McGeary are better at bombing forward, rather than taking advanced positions.

And Lee Brennan looks like he needs a rest. Between his club, UUJ and Tyrone…he looked a bit lost.

Early days. But the league is unforgiving. In some ways much harder than the Super 8s.


I feel they have maxed out with what they have. They will not get another 10% unless they unearth a few lads. Current side is good but not near All Ireland winners - and Cavanagh is in the diminishing returns saloon too.


Funny…was chatting to someone about this.

You can understand why some Derry players clear off to the states in the summer to play football.

After they get knocked out of Ulster…they probably reckon it’s a waste of time traipsing to the back of beyond for the qualifiers. They need 10%…and much more.

MH can only squeeze so much out of a side. And maybe the early bath for Mayo last yr is just what the doctor ordered.


Yeah. With all due respect I can’t see that Tyrone team improving enough to beat Dublin or win Sam. The Noughties team had so many Tyrone (and national) all time greats - this team doesn’t. How many would make that team? Peter Harte possibly - after that I’m not sure. So I wouldn’t be hard on them at all. Maybe if young Canavan comes good with another 2/3 lads who knows - but they are a bit off as you say.


Well the thing I say to people here who reckon MH has to go…how many of this Tyrone side would walk into this Dublin team?

Probably one…Peter Harte. Mr consistent.

It’s not a great bunch of talented players to begin with.

You’re right…Peter C, S O’Neill, Dooher, McGuigan, a young Sean C…were all super players.

I remember a school poster from 2003-ish…asking kids if they wanted to be the next Peter Canavan. The county have struggled to get players near that standard.


Not saying they are going to win Sam but the obituaries from some quarters are not justified on the basis of the first 2 league games when teams are just getting back into the swing of things.
With Mayo and Kerry perhaps regressing a little Tyrone are still a good bet to be in the last 4 in my humble opinion.


I like your positivity Apollo !

Was feeling miserable after yesterday. God damn MayoMan and his ilk.

But as a drunk Delia Smith would say…let’s be having ya!!


I wouldn’t rule then out of the last 4 either - or even another final. Daller you left out Kevin Hughes above! One of my favourites.


Was nice to return what ye dished out to us last year in MacHale :wink:



The Hub.

We came out of HP and saw him with his kid. My lad didn’t even know him.

Apparently him and D O’Se would be friendly.

He’s from a really small parish - Killeeshill. We were at an underage blitz at their place…and I think he’s the only player from the club to have played for the county.


Did I say one of the Mayo player’s father was behind us 2 years ago in the stand?

I’ll not mention the player’s name.

But he was very funny and had been on the booze. No one gave him bad manners even though he was yo-ho-ing most of the game.

There was a ‘meet the players’ at the club house after the match and there he was full of craic. And proud as punch.


Was it Daddy???


Ha. Just got that.

Nope…but funny he played y’day too.


I always liked Kevin Hughes. Stylish and 100% - would never let you down - a player’s player I’d say.


I am not saying no goalie should take frees or come out with the ball, but this idea that if one is capable they,all are. There ere a lot of goali’s taken frees now and I would really like to see if their stats justify coming up the pitch to do it. As regards the coming off the line, well yes it creates an extra player, but it also means a player is totally out of position . Think it was pointed out last year about Brody from Laois, most of his incursions just led to a simple lay of to a man beside and were of no benefit whatsoever to the team, yeah it created a buzz in the crowd but that was about it. By all means do it if it adds something, but seems to me that in most cases it is a waste of time and an unnecessary risk.


Yeah overall it’s causes me more nerves seeing a goalie 50m from his line.

Especially as Niall has made a few big mistakes.

The league I’m kind of ok with. He took his shot when the forwards couldn’t hit a barn door.

But would have kittens if he tried that in CP in March.