National Football League 2019


Laois broke training ban - lost home advantage for this one.


Just watched the replay and Mayo were very good.

Made the game look simple.

Peter Harte got 2 good scores under serious pressure, but the rest of the team were all over the place.

For KH’s goal…he skipped past McCurry and McClure …no 13 and 9.

Tyrone are out at sea at the moment.


Parsons unlikely to feature for Mayo this year. If he can get back to playing for the club at some stage later this year it will be great.

Mayo very good yesterday but having watched it back we were not put under pressure when kicking scored as you would except from a Tyrone team. Still signs are very encouraging. Cavan sat night at home next up.


I’m guessing Tyrone are in the middle of hard training but they’re not functioning at all in forwards. They hit at least 3 balls into keeper hands and missed a couple handy frees. Peter Harte should be played at wing back. Same as AI final got into great positions but not clinical on front of goal. From the AI final one thing I noticed about Tyrone shooting was 6/7 wides came from lads kicking from outside of the boot which is a lottery. A team with better forwards would have punished Dublin that day.


Very true.

D McCurry returned after a year off…and hit 8pts against Armagh.

But he’s a confidence player and his shoulders dropped after he missed a few handy ones.

Nail Sludden and P Harte are the link men…but PH played more forward and NS was struggling to get into the game.

Dublin put Small and Murchan on them last year to good effect…but Mayo didn’t really need to mark them.

Strange 2 games after the highs of last year. There’s no hiding place in the Leage for poor performances.


I wonder how this is being policed by GAA? Are they carrying out inspections or are they following the dubious practices allegedly happening in other codes or perhaps there is a confidential hotline that members of the public can call if they spot teams training ahead of schedule!


I think the Dublin Co Board itself tweeting out pictures of the lads at various WW1 sites was a bit of a give away when it comes to us. :wink:



Good to hear hes making progress.
Dont be getting carried away now! Methinks the Red Hands may be in the middle of a heavy training regime and may be able to perfect their particular game plan a little more towards the end of the league.
They are also aiming to peak physically and mentally for the Ulster campaign.
I always feel you write them off at your peril and they thrive on the negative media attention.
Hard to conceive they could go from AI finalists to also rans in one year.
Having said that i still think they need to unearth a couple of marquee forwards and replacements for the Cavanaghs.


Seem to remember KOTF closing doors on training at one stage in the noughties because the trees around Fitzgerald Stadium were rustling when there was no wind!:grin:
Seriously though given the level of competition at SIC level it is not inconceivable that some dubious practices have been copied from other foreign codes.


Still time for them to turn the league around too. In many years a few teams seem to get going at games 3/4. Mayo targeted a big first two games. Tyrone will also be well in the mix at least in the summer even if they leave it too late in the league.
Every year people say Micky H should go after one or two poor results, yet they have made gradual progress every year. They did much better against Dublin last Sept as against the previous semi-final. Not an unbridgeable gap if they get another 10%


Plus success is relative.

What MH is achieving at the moment…other Ulster counties would give their right arm for.

It’s easy for people to say he should go (including those within the county)…but they still haven’t explained where the forwards or free takes are.

But goes to show what a consistent player Peter Harte is.

I first saw him in a MacRory cup final which Omagh CBS lost…but even then he was motm.


Peter Harte is a class act


Maybe the goalie Morgan should be tried up front :wink: unbelievable run out and point yesterday.


I’m sure Robbie H could do the same for Mayo - just make sure he double-checks that it isn’t his goal before he shoots.


Y’know…he scored a mental point in the Club c’ship against Galbally after a good 50-60m run.

He still plays in MF for Edendork…same club as McCurry.

C McAliskey is still recovering after wrecking the ankle in a club game.


Since Cluxton started taking free it seems to me that keepers are just copying each other, suddenly almost every goalie in the country was taking frees, even though many couldnt kick snow off a rope. Now it seems running up the pitch is the rage, dont really see the point in it most of the time


It creates an extra body - simple as.


It’s really that simple.

He does it for his club - and I think so long as he’s not taking too many risks…he’s given free license.

The odd thing is that Morgan has played more in MF than he has in goals.


I often think when you have 6 forwards surely 1 of them should take a free, same with penalties players that should take them suddenly put their heads down


You could same about majority of inter county and club managers who seem to adopt and copy whatever style of play likes of Jim Gavin, Jim McGuinness and Mickey Harte have done over the years. Problem is they don’t have the players to play them tactics.