National Football League 2019


I am sure the names you mentioned were similar to what others here had in players from U21 or U20’s etc. But not really highlighting any bolters, not overly arsed TBH except you were pointing out how we were writing off an aging team with no talent coming through when most posters here I remember we’re not able to understand why Rockford or Horan weren’t blooding more.
Will look forward to seeing your young guns in Croker against our lads.


Two poor showings indeed. Only 1 score from play v Kerry.

Tyrone have been ticking over in training since the AI final and take the McKenna Cup far too seriously.

I’ve said here before that it’s maddening to watch regulars play in the McKenna Cup against students.

Mattie D and Peter H shouldn’t be near a football in Jan. No wonder they look leggy.


Maybe you are starting slow and just lulling others into false sense of security. In fairness your first two games have been Kerry and Mayo, I imagine if it was Cavan or Roscommon the results may have been different.
To be honest watching the delayed coverage today you were shocking and the lack of movement off the shoulder looks terrible, you also seem to ignore any of the new rules and never seemed to try cover the forward sideline kick or mark.


It’s strange to watch. You’d think Tyrone hadn’t trained since September.

Kerry and Mayo looked far faster.

Tough games to come. Monaghan are always hard…and it just got harder after they lost.

And the fear is that Dublin are in full throttle by the time 16th March comes.


Not the National Football League, but Jesus Christ the Pairc Uí Frank pitch is absolutely shite !!! € 110,000,000


It’s a disgrace , an absolute scandal. If you get nothing else right the pitch at least. Lots of poor pitches in gaa , the Gaelic grounds and Mchale pk for example. But the pairc is new so it should be like croke pk pitch .


Caught most of Tyrone v Mayo.

Mayo moving well…they looked to have a good understanding of how to transition from defence to attack. Thought Horan was conservative in his selection the first day out but he’s pushing more fresh faces to the fore which I thought would be the obvious requirement in his second coming.

Tyrone look flat & desperately short on ideas in attack outside of Donnelly/Harte. Early days though.

Truth be told, Mayo & Kerry are probably getting the oomph from new management that we would’ve expected before the league started.


I think mayo are only team who’ll run Dublin close this year. Felt that even if 2018 was disappointing, it set them up with break and new mgmt to get one last shot at Dublin with a lot of the old guard in 2019.


PUC a disgrace and no sign of Improvement. They may get to stage where it will go All

Croke Park took their eye off ball for few years by thinking that there’s a lot intelligence in the county boards around the place. I’d think all future major capital GAA projects -both in rational analysis for their need and project mgmt if they get go ahead will be centrally managed for now on.


PUC…built on a marsh😨SHocking today to see it so bad.Not able to cope with double headers.


It would be no harm if there was an inquiry into what the hell happened in PUC - both in terms of the runaway cost and the appalling end product. There are surely lessons to be learned and given that we are all members of GAA clubs and contribute to the coffers in terms of fees and from attending matches there should be answers and accountability.


It needs to go behind the Children’s Hospital inquiry…


Yeh but the number rule is no ones allowed be held accountable :thinking::roll_eyes:


Yeah & large parts of the terraces are closed because so much moss & algae are growing on them, the Health & Safety suits have deemed them too dangerous. You really couldn’t make it up.


Bit of a confusing one ? Put amateurs in charge you get PUC, but we hate the full time professional admin we have in HQ , love the following quotes a camel is a horse designed by a committe , The titanic was built by professionals , amateurs built the Ark :joy::joy: it’s just a case of careful for what you wish for , I’m not a fan of the slow moving money driven bunch in HQ however the alternative looking at some county boards scares me to death


As all good workmen would say…it was all right when it left here.


Very impressive display from Mayo today. Some new players as well. Kerry moving well .

Could be a good championship this year hopefully.


Maybe but sadly any of the good 4-5 teams are generally separated by 10 feet of provincial shite before they get to meet each other.
Change urgently needed.


Oh god yes Flynn is utterly painful to listen to.


What’s the story with Parsons this year?
Anyone know why Laois v Louth was played in CP yesterday?
Monaghan flatter to deceive…again.
Kerry and Mayo might just be taking the league seriously this year.
Tyrone and Cavan in trouble already.
Decent start by the Rossies.